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Low Price Calendar Rome - Montenegro

Cheap flights from Rome to Montenegro (ROM – ME) will find you the cheapest flights from Rome to Montenegro, comparing the cost of an air ticket to Montenegro in 45 agencies, 5 booking systems and 728 airlines. Where exactly you buy flights from Rome to Montenegro is up to you.

It is worth noting, that the Rome - Montenegro route is most popular in March, July and August.
During this period, the average cost of air tickets is

13 949₽

The most popular destinations on the Rome - Montenegro route are:

  • Rome - Podgorica
  • Rome - Tivat

Low season - January, September and October

the price of air tickets falls on average to

11 356₽

Direct flights from Rome to Montenegro

The easiest way to get to your destination is by direct flight. Direct flights from Rome to Montenegro are operated by airlines:

Montenegro Airlines
in Podgorica (2 days a week, flight YM991)

Getting from Rome to Montenegro with a transfer, you can make the trip even more interesting, because the docking can be carried out in:


(flight JU535 Rome - Tivat by Air Serbia)

This is a great chance to get to know these cities, because the transplant time is usually at least 6 hours.

It is necessary to consider, that depending on the number of days, remaining before departure, the price of a plane ticket from Rome to Montenegro may more than double. advises buying air tickets Rome - Montenegro in advance, then you can choose the flight conditions, focusing on your wishes and financial capabilities.


Flight prices from Rome to Montenegro

Best prices on tickets Rome - Montenegro, found by our visitors in the last 48 hours *:

Route One way Roundtrip
Rome - Podgorica


06.09 – 19.09.2020

Rome - Tivat


31.08 – 13.09.2020

The cheapest flight from Rome to Montenegro, found by our users in the last 48 hours:


in the direction Rome - Podgorica

by Ryanair

with departure 18.09.2020 and cost

3 344 rubles

Fastest flight ticket from Rome to Montenegro:


in the direction Rome - Podgorica

from Montenegro Airlines

with the nearest departure 25.08.2020 and flight duration
1h 20min.

Airlines, flying from Rome to Montenegro

  • Alitalia

  • Air Serbia

  • Montenegro Airlines

Direct flights Rome - Montenegro

Flight From where Departure On my way Arrival Departure days

Montenegro Airlines



Podgorica 14:00 1h 20m 15:20

tue, Fri

Montenegro Airlines



Podgorica 18:10 1h 20m 19:30


Airports, serving the direction Rome - Montenegro

Rome airports, of which there are flights to Montenegro:

Fiumicino (FCO)

Most popular airports, serving the direction Rome - Montenegro:

Fiumicino (FCO)

Podgorica (TGD)

What is Montenegro and "frequently asked questions"

To tell, that Montenegro is a beautiful country is to say nothing. Montenegro is a huge art gallery, on which you will roam in a childish delight with an open mouth. And there are many pictures here, a wide variety of topics: marine, mountain and city landscapes, genre scenes, still lifes and even socialist realism..

The glory of "beach paradise" has been completely unfairly established for this country., where pampered citizens warm their sides on the seashore and stroll through restaurants. Although it is no less interesting for an inquisitive person, because the history of Montenegro is heroic, culture is peculiar, and nature is delightful. If you like outdoor activities, you won't get bored here.

In terms of convenience, it is rational to divide acquaintance with Montenegro into separate parts

  • 1. Boka-Kotorska coast
  • 2. Budva Riviera
  • 3. Coast from Petrovac to Bar
  • 4 . Center of the country
  • 5. Durmitor

Of course, the sequence of these parts may be different. You don't have to follow the order shown..

Briefly about the history of the state

Montenegro recently became independent, in 2006 year. The location of the state is very beneficial in terms of tourism. In the north-west of the Balkan Peninsula is the territory of Montenegro, which has access to the Adriatic Sea. The state borders on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Kosovo, Croatia, Serbia and Albania. The capital of Montenegro - Podgorica. The largest and most visited tourists are the cities of Budva and Cetin.

On the territory of Montenegro, the first Slavs appeared in 6 century. At different times, the territory of the country was conquered by Rome, Byzantium, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. IN 20 century Montenegro was part of Yugoslavia. After gaining independence, the state joined the EU. The country is always open for tourists. A friendly attitude towards visitors makes a vacation in Montenegro truly successful.

Montenegro – second Las Vegas

The main feature of Montenegro – inexpensive vacation. Many tourists come here not only for this, to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature, see the sights, swim in the sea and sunbathe, but also visit the casino, and there are a lot of them in Montenegro.

In this country, at the legislative level, there are ideal conditions for the development of the gaming business. The Government of Montenegro has provided comfortable conditions not only for operators, but also for the players themselves. There are over five hundred casinos in this country, that's why it's a gambling paradise. This attracts many tourists to the country of mountains., and, hence, state budget revenues are growing. This figure is actively growing every year..

Now let's get acquainted with the most popular gambling establishments in Montenegro. They are so different from others, that they are sometimes compared to city attractions.

Choose a casino in Montenegro

Many travel companies organize special casino tours, the essence of which is, to attract as many players as possible to visit casinos in Montenegro.

Acquaintance with gambling establishments:

Casino "Podgorica"

It is located in the capital of the country.

Feel like an elite and a player in the Avala casino, which works in the city of Budva. Expensive and luxurious atmosphere and service at the highest level and other wonderful moments ensure a great pastime and a unique atmosphere. Casino Kotor will also help you combine relaxation and gambling. This city has another interesting place, for example a hotel complex, who runs the WIN casino.

The city of Budva is not a gambling Mecca, This is not surprising, since the city has a Spa status. Popular, except for "Avala", are such casinos, as Queen of Montenegro, Saint Stephen and the Maestral, which always have a sufficient number of players. Each gambling establishment has its own style and it is difficult to single out the best one..

Statistics on the development of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in Montenegro

On 22 August 2020 in Montenegro fixed 4 277 cases of infection with coronavirus Covid-19. Over the past day, the number of infected has increased by 48 The total number of deaths from coronavirus infection in Montenegro is 82 human, recorded today 1 death In the active phase of the disease are 914 person, of them in critical condition. Mortality rate: 1.92%.Confirmed cases of complete cure for the virus today, 22 August 2020 in Montenegro: 3 281.

The graph shows the values ​​of confirmed cases of Covid-19 coronavirus infection in Montenegro by days from the beginning of the collection of official statistical information.

* Zero values ​​mean no data

Features of regulation of the gambling business in Montenegro

The organization of gambling and state control over their conduct on the territory of Montenegro is regulated by the Law on Gambling, adopted in 2006 year. This regulation divides gambling into two broad categories: lottery and special gambling. Lottery games include:

  • lottery;
  • bingo;
  • TV lotto and closed lotto;
  • lotto;
  • keno;
  • sports predictions;
  • tote;
  • additional games in lotto and sweepstakes;
  • video lottery;
  • fonto;
  • other similar entertainments with draws.

Specific gambling includes:

  1. casino games;
  2. betting games;
  3. slot machines.

The current legislation of the Republic of Montenegro performs the following functions:

  • establishes the procedure for organizing and conducting gambling, and also determines the list of relevant restrictions and mandatory requirements for organizers, gambling establishments and their visitors;
  • establishes the procedure for issuing work permits, related to the organization and conduct of gambling;
  • reveals, prohibits and suppresses the activities of operators, violating the law.

According to the law, organization of gambling entertainment is carried out for the implementation of public interests. That is, funds, received from the gambling business, go to meet the needs in the field of social and humanitarian activities, for program activities for youth and other purposes, statutory. The state strictly controls the gambling industry and enforces the age limit (18 years old).

In terms of legislation, subjects, those who control the gambling market should pay special attention to the mental health of the players. They should also devote sufficient time to countering money laundering., criminally acquired

it, in its turn, should help reduce the risk of criminalization of the gambling business, protecting players from cheating, and elimination of negative manifestations, that accompany gambling.

Society has the right to engage in gambling business, registered as legal entities. They must obtain the appropriate registration by way of a concession. A concession means the transfer by the state of the right to use gambling equipment and conduct gambling to a joint stock limited liability company., which is located on the territory of Montenegro. In return, the state gives the joint-stock company a remuneration in the form of one-time or periodic payments.

According to the legislation, the concession agreement must contain:

  • name and location of the joint stock company, which is a gambling operator;
  • place and address of the working room, intended for the organization of gambling;
  • type of gambling, which can be organized;
  • start date of their organization;
  • duration of the concession, as well as conditions for its extension;
  • amount and procedure for payment of the concession fee;
  • supervision procedure;
  • provisions on other rights and obligations of the contracting parties.

Due to the concession mechanisms, the state organizes and conducts gambling through a certain number of controlled operators.

Licensing in the gambling industry

Almost every entrepreneur can obtain a license to provide gambling entertainment., decided to start a gambling business (as offline, and online). Each type of gambling requires registration of a separate certificate. for example, a certificate for slot machines is issued for a period of 3 years with the possibility of extension for another 2 of the year. After the expiration of the certificate, re-submission and verification of documentation is carried out.

To obtain a license to operate a gambling business, you need to go through several preliminary stages:

  • establish a limited liability company on the territory of the Republic of Montenegro. The organization must be formalized according to the rules, which are dictated by law;
  • prepare accounting accounts and open a bank account. You also need to get a bank guarantee, to confirm your solvency;
  • develop a website and a system for processing payments - when it comes to online gambling;
  • draw up and submit an application for registration of a new casino in the jurisdiction of the state.

After passing these stages, the operator needs to obtain permission from the government of Montenegro. Conditions for obtaining and validating a concession, following:

  • you must have at least a capital in the bank 300 thousand. EUR - for casinos, or 75 thousand. EUR - for gambling clubs;
  • during the period of the concession and during 30 days after the expiration of its validity period, have an account in the bank of Montenegro in the amount of 30% of the value of the company's share capital (or a bank guarantee in the amount of this amount);
  • there must be at least 50 thousand. EUR on 5 tables, and for each subsequent 5 tables - 20 thousand. EUR (there can be no less than five tables in the casino);
  • it is necessary to pay concession compensation to the state budget. From one casino or other gambling establishment is paid 50 thousand. EUR annually and by 10% from the income of the institution monthly;
  • casinos are not taxable.

Gambling Commission of Montenegro, deciding whether to issue a license for online gambling, is E-Gambling Montenegro. true, there are bad rumors around this organization. She is accused of issuing licenses to operators, who were caught working with unlicensed software from NetEnt and Greentube. But nonetheless, she continues her activities, authorized by the government of Montenegro.


Players, matching four numbers in each corner of the table from the first 33 numbers, win the smallest prize. Then five more balls are drawn, and the players win a prize, if they match all nine numbers, which will create a diagonal cross in the table. At the final stage, the balls fall out until then, until at least one of the players guesses all the numbers.

Jackpot is won, when one of the players guesses everything 25 numbers from the first 41. If nobody wins the jackpot during the week, next week's goal will be to match all the numbers from the first 42. The numbers played increase by 1 every week, until the jackpot is won.

Prizes are awarded on a sweepstakes basis, so they will be calculated based on the number of tickets sold and the number of players at each stage. The table below provides information on how to, what do you need to do, to win a prize at every stage, and the probability of winning.

Game stage Guess numbers Number of drawn balls Prize fund percentage
The first 4 (each angular number) 33 35%
Second 9 (forming a diagonal cross or X) 38 15%
Third 25 (every square) Drawing, beginning with 41 incrementally, until the jackpot is won 50%

50% goes to the prize pool for matching all numbers, 30% - separately for all, who will win the jackpot, by guessing all the numbers from the required number of balls. If the jackpot is not won, he goes to the next draw. Rest 20% used for payments to players, who will guess all numbers not from the specified number of balls to win the jackpot.

for example, if you guessed all numbers from 41 balls or less, you win everything 50% prize fund, allocated for this level. If you can guess all the numbers from 42 balls or more, you will only win 20% prize fund. Rest 30% prize money of this level will be transferred to the next drawing.

Interesting fact

The minimum jackpot is 100 000 €. If there is less money in the prize pool, the Estonian national lottery reserve fund is used to pay out winnings. The reserve fund is also used to pay the minimum prize in 2 € to players from the lowest winning group.

Montenegro casinos

Gambling in Montenegro is unusually developed. Among the states of the Balkan Peninsula, Montenegro takes a leading position in the provision of quality services to gamblers. Montenegrin laws are very loyal to gambling, therefore, opening a casino here is not at all difficult. You will not believe, but in a rather small territory of the country there are more 500 gambling establishments. Ie. on 1 300 residents have one club. for example, casinos in England are five times smaller, than in Montenegro.

The local population is quite reckless, but there are practically no special funds in the country, who fight gambling addiction. From the point of view of tourists from Russia, visiting this country is beneficial and convenient. They speak Russian here, and a visa is not required to cross the border. Developed system, controlling gambling in the country, considered the most efficient in Europe. Numerous casinos provide impressive budget payments, which has a positive effect on the country's economy. Firstly, this money is spent on numerous social programs. Among the most famous gambling clubs in the state there are:

  • Montenegro - casino located in the center of Podgorica.
  • Cattaro and WIN - a club in Kotor (resort).
  • Queen of Montenegro - large complex with bar and casino, located in Budva.
  • Avala is another large casino in Budva. This club belongs to the elite establishments. More than 30 tables, roulette, poker etc.
  • Sveti Stefan - casino, located on St. Stephen's Island. There was once a citadel in this building.

In the town

Where is… Where is / Where is it located Where is / Where is…
…bank bank …bank
…post office mail … Mail
…city center city ​​center …city centre
…market market …market
…restroom ВэЦэ WC
…beach the beach … Beach
…church the church … Church
... the main square main tyrg …main square
…Old city old Town …old Town
…palace Castle … Castle
I'm going to ... I'm going to I'm going to…
Where is it? Where e then Where is it?
I can not find… N. eh. I can find I can't go…
It is far? Is it far Is it far?
You are welcome, show me it on the map ... Please, show me on the map Please, show me on the map…
Left Left Left
Right Desno Right
Straight Right Pravo
I want to see… I want to see I want to see…
Refueling Gas station Gas station
Rights Driving licence Driving licence
Bicycle Bike Bicycle
Motorcycle Motor Motor
Car Car
Car rental Rent a car

Internet entertainment in Montenegro

Since the laws of Montenegro welcome any gambling, online games in the country are also very popular. I would like to note the fact, that the number of registered virtual gaming institutions in Montenegro was second only to Malta. All of them are focused on the European market and provide a wide range of different slots, roulette, card games.

A distinctive feature of online casinos in Montenegro is their high quality and very sophisticated platforms, where they work. Online casino game servers are located throughout the country, so huge opportunities are used by both players, and investors.

How to play

For, to play Bingo Loto, select 25 numbers ranging from 1 to 75. You can make your own choice or rely on a computer. Your numbers will be displayed in the table 5 x 5, numbers from 1 to 15 displayed in the first column, from 16 to 30 - in the second column, from 31 to 45 - in the third column, from 46 to 60 - in the fourth column and from 61 to 75 - in the fifth column.

Bingo Loto ticket costs 1 € for playing combination. Each ticket contains one or two combinations of your 25 numbers. Ticket sales end at 18:00 EAT (17:00 THIS).

During the game of 18:30 EAT (17:30 THIS), numbers are drawn randomly, and players can watch it on TV. The game is played in three stages with the aim of guessing the numbers being played as quickly as possible.

In the restaurant

We have already made an order. We ordered more.
Waiter, be so kind. The waiter (конобар), please, bill.
Give, you are welcome, menu. Bring it, please, menu.
Tell, this table is free? Say it, is this table free?
You are welcome, a bottle of red wine! A bottle of red wine, please!
Delicious! Very tasty
Let me, you are welcome, check! Please bill!
Cutlery Cutlery
Dish Elo
Fork Fork
The spoon (teahouse) Spoon (spoon)
Knife Knife
Accessories Accessories
A cup Schola
Glass The bowl
Salt shaker Herring
Plate Tanir
Menu Menu
Alcoholic drinks Alcoholic drink
Cognac Cognac
Cocktail Cocktail
Vodka Vodka
Red wine (white, dry) Red wine (white, dry)
Champagne Champagne
Snacks Appetizer
Ham Ham
Mushrooms Печуркэ
Smoked meat Prosciutto
Caviar Caviar
Olives Olive
Olives Masli n. eh.
Pate Pate
Cucumber salad (tomato) Cucumber salad (paradise)
Olivier salad Russian salad
Herring Herring
Sprats Dilmene srdelice
Fish meals Come from the fish
Shrimp Goat
Crabs Crab
Mackerel Mackerel
Tuna Tuna
Stuffed pike Shunen's thing
fever Cod
Zander Perch
Herring Herring
Salmon Salmon
Perch Grgech
Trout (boiled, fried on a spit) Trout (cooked, from the grill)
Bream Deverika
Carp Carp
Stewed flounder Dinstovani Iverak
Meat dishes Come from the mass
The anthem Goveji cut off
Beefsteaks Beef
Beef stew Beef stew
Goulash Goulash
Lamb roast, veal Sheep cookies, Calf roast
Liver Djigerice
Chopped meat from a brazier in the form of cutlets Burger
Kidney Bubrezi
Barbecue in Montenegrin Skewers
Rostbif Rosby
Pork chop Pork krmenadla
Roast pig Squeeze the roast
Sausage-style minced meat from a brazier Chevapchichi
Tongue Language
Poultry and game dishes Come from the wilderness
Goose (turkey) fried Gushche (chureche) baked
Rabbit Kunich
Boiled chicken Heated chicken
Fried chicken Pileche pechene
Duck Duck
Egg dishes Ela from Gj
Omelet Omelet
Hard boiled egg Rovito her
Soft-boiled egg Hard-boiled egg
Fried eggs Fried egg on the eye
Scrambled eggs with ham Kaigan with shunk
Condiments Shut up
Mustard Sanf (Mustard)
Mayonnaise Mayonnaise
Red pepper Cayenne pepper
Black pepper Pepper
Salt With
Sugar Sugar
Sauce Sauce
Vinegar Vinegar
Dessert Dessert
Ice cream with jam Ice cream with sweet
… with nuts … With nuts
… with chocolate … With chocolate
... with whipped cream … With whipped cream
Cake Cake
Roll with apples (with poppy seeds) Saviyacha
Apple strudel Apple strudel
Cake Cake
Fruit salad Eye salad
Soft drinks Non-alcoholic drink
Mineral water Mineral water
Black coffee Black coffee
Coffee with milk white coffee
Coffee with sugar coffee sweeter
Black tea (with lemon) Black tea (with lemon)
Green tea zeleni tea
Orange juice Orange juice
... cherry … Of cherries
... grape … Of grapes
… Plum … From plum э
... tomato … From tomatoes
... apple … Од ябукэ

Payment and withdrawal methods from online sweepstakes in Montenegro

П» ´» ²²´ ²²´ ´² · »¹-»·² ¿´»³ º¹ ¿º ´², ´ º ·º ¿ ¿» º, »º º» º² ± º²º ¿²´². ¹ E-Gambling Montenegro ¿²´ ¿º ¿² ¿² ³º -, ² » º:

  • ClickAndBuy;
  • TrustPay;
  • PaysafeCard;
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill;
  • Yandex.Money;
  • Wirecard.

¿· ² ¿»·²»¹ ¿ºº ». ²´ ´² · º ² ¢ º»º ² ´ º»º ´¹, ² ·² ²±³ ¿± ²²´. ¿ ¿» , ºº ¿² », º· ² ²² ·´» ¹ , ² º ¿ » ´» ²´ ²²´.

´»³ ² ² ·º ±ººº³ ±· ­.

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