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Who will take a pack of tickets…

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Water pump, sure, nobody won, but many nice little things could be obtained for 30 kopecks. About the lucky ones, winning cars, there were legends. And every ticket purchaser hoped for a miracle.

ABOUT, how many ticket scams, winning cars. Shop directors bought them with pleasure, vegetable bases, foremen, procurers and other crooks. After all, the winnings were not subject to confiscation., when the number matched , but with the series something did not work, then you received a consolation ruble in the savings bank. Remembered?

In Narva, tickets were checked at the main savings bank of the city, which was located on Petrovskaya Square (city ​​government building). There were booths with winning numbers at the entrance (they were published in newspapers) and there was a trash can for throwing away tickets that did not win. As boys, we collected these tickets in an urn to use them as money in our children's games. Because they looked so much like them. And most importantly, the smell of these tickets was one to one, like real money.

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How to Play

To play Bingo Loto, choose 25 numbers from 1 to 75. You can either make your own selection or go for a random computer pick. Your numbers will be displayed in a 5 x 5 grid, with numbers 1-15 in the first column, 16-30 in the second column, 31-45 in the third column, 46-60 in the fourth column and 61-75 in the fifth column.

Bingo Loto costs €1 per game combination. Each ticket has either one or two combinations of your 25 numbers. Ticket sales close at 18:00 EAT (17:00 THIS).

When the game is played at 18:30 EAT (17:30 THIS), numbers are drawn randomly and players can watch on television. The game is played in three stages and the aim is to match the numbers drawn as quickly as possible.

What's trash for one, then for another treasure

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IN 1988 year, the US Supreme Court in the case of California v. Greenwood delivered a verdict, that the United States Constitution does not prohibit digging through trash, left outside the area adjacent to the house, and pick it up. In other words, all, that some people threw out in a public place, others may be considered "legitimate prey". This solution helped to avoid harassment for poor people and other hobbyists to explore the contents of dumpsters.. Yes, yes, amateurs! There are people, who like to dig in the trash and find valuable things there. And sometimes their findings are simply amazing!

Winning lottery ticket for $1 million.

Kevin Donovan, mechanic from Massachusetts, often went to White Hen Pantry supermarket and bought instant lottery tickets. For a year he spent more than 2 one thousand dollars.

One evening Donovan looked into the supermarket again and bought immediately 50 tickets. However, wiping off the protective coating and realizing, that nothing was won, Kevin crumpled all lottery tickets and threw them in the trash can, near the exit from the store.

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Mustvee alcoholic, lottery winner over 22 thousand euros, made the life of the townspeople hell

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In the past year, in the evening 10 December Bingo Loto has determined the winner of the main prize. The lucky winner bought the ticket from the Ceresus store in Mustvee. The amount of the win was 22 873 euros.

This news marked the beginning of a curious story.. Her moral is, what to win the lottery is, certainly, luck, which can touch you too, but sometimes a lucky break turns into a cruel joke.

The next day, the residents of the small town of Mustvee were very interested in, who is this lucky, lottery winner? It didn't take long to speculate, in the Ceresus store (this store is the only one in the city, where can i buy a lottery) local resident Peeter came, to check your ticket.

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Every second person plays the lottery in Estonia: who wins and how?

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There was no envy (although the feeling from the series "if only we could do that" was present) – the family before that could hardly make ends meet: he was interrupted by odd jobs, she worked as a cashier, raising a child in unison, from the excesses of luxury, they allowed themselves a cat of noble origin.
“You know, I didn't believe, – says Tanya. – Not at the first moment, not in the second. Even at the time of registration of the win, I still wanted to kill my husband: little of, that this weirdo bought a lottery ticket for the last, so he also rolls jokes at the kindergarten level. And to the thought that, that we became millionaires overnight, I'm not used to it so far. Though… those millions are gone ".

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Advertising: Christmas LOTTERY at Rahva Raamat!

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We are happy to take care of interesting and beautiful gifts for every taste, which can be found in our store in Narva! Puzzles, toys, educational games, modern gadgets, fiction books and encyclopedias, hobbies and philosophical works, coloring pages for adults - all this and much more you will find here.

But there is more: from 1 by 29 December every buyer, whose check will be 15 euro and above, becomes a participant in the Lottery!

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84-summer woman from Florida won $590 million

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Bill Cotterell/REUTERS

In the company's office, a woman, accompanied by two lawyers and her son, announced her intention to take the whole amount and agreed to a corresponding understatement of the winnings to $370,8 million. To receive the full amount in 590,5 million USD they would have to be received over many years in annual payments.

Earlier it became known, that the lucky ticket was bought on the day of the draw 18 May in a supermarket in the small town of Zephyrhills, Florida. Journalists of local publications and TV channels staged a real hunt for the winner, looking for him among about 13 thousand inhabitants of the town. The winning numbers of the American analogue of "Sportloto" were 22, 10, 13, 14, 52, the special Powerball number was “11”.

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"I will milk this cow": history of man, who understood, how to win the lottery

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Jerry Selby has always loved puzzles. For him to see something, what escaped the eyes of others, was the best reward. One day he started buying a change, which people handed over to banks in exchange for bills: it occurred to him, that among ordinary coins, valuable collectible samples can be accidentally caught - and as a result, going through a trifle with my son in the evenings, he earned $6000.

As the owner of a small shop in the town of Evarth, Michigan, Jerry came up with, how to maximize profits, trading lottery tickets: he attached a shiny penny to the bundle of tickets and told his visitors, that a coin brings good luck, - and so in a tiny city, where not and 2000 residents, sold tickets for $300 thousand per year, getting $20 thousand profit. This money, However, were nonsense compared to the main puzzle, which Jerry solved: he came up with, how to hack the state lottery and win millions of dollars, without breaking the law.

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Anyone who matches the four numbers in each corner of their grid within the first 33 drawn wins the lowest prize. Five more balls are then drawn, and players win a prize if they have matched all nine numbers to form a diagonal cross on their grid. In the final stage, balls are drawn until at least one player has matched all their numbers.

The jackpot is won if anyone can match all 25 of their numbers within the first 41 drawn. If nobody wins the jackpot one week, the target for the next week is to match all the numbers in the first 42 drawn. This increases by one every week until the jackpot is won.

Prizes are pari-mutuel, meaning they are calculated based on how many tickets are sold and how many players win at each stage. The table below shows what you need to do to win a prize at each stage and the odds of doing so:

Game Stage Numbers Matched How Many Balls Drawn Percentage of Prize Fund
First 4 (Each corner number) 33 35%
Second 9 (Forming a diagonal cross, or X) 38 15%
Third 25 (Every square) 41- increasing each draw until the jackpot is won 50%

Of the 50% allocated to the prize fund for matching all the numbers, 30% is set aside for anyone who wins the jackpot by matching all of them within the required number of balls. This rolls over to the following draw if the jackpot is not won. The remaining 20% is used to pay players who eventually match all of their numbers but not within the specified number of balls to win the jackpot.

For example, if you matched all your numbers in 41 balls or fewer, you would win the entire 50% of the prize fund designated for that tier. If you managed to match all your numbers in 42 balls or more, you would only win 20% of the prize fund. The other 30% of the prize money designated to that tier then rolls over to the next draw.

Interesting Fact

The minimum jackpot is €100,000. If the prize pool is lower, the Estonian National Lottery’s reserve fund will be used to pay the winnings. The reserve fund will also be used to pay the minimum prize of €2 for players in the lowest winning group.

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