EuroMillion lottery official


How a Russian citizen can take part in the lottery

Only residents of the participating countries can purchase a paper ticket and win on it, but any person on the planet can participate in the lottery online, including Russian. To do this, he needs to visit the website of the official licensed operator of Euromillion in his country. International services are also suitable, working with players from several countries at once.

Important! EuroMillions Lottery Cash Prizes, including jackpot, not taxed and paid in a lump sum. However, this rule is relevant only for residents of the participating countries.

Russian citizens will have to pay taxes, established by Russian law.

Detailed instructions for those wishing to try their luck:

  1. go to the website of the agent-operator AgentLotto;
  2. choose the EuroMillion lottery;
  3. read, when exactly will the circulation take place (some sites provide an option to choose the date of participation);
  4. fill in the ticket fields (select numbers);
  5. send the completed ticket to the basket;
  6. checkout (likely, registration required).

The transaction receipt and the virtual ticket itself with marked numbers will be sent to the mail. Both letters must be saved. If a technical overlap occurs, then they will become proof of winning.

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