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SuperEnalotto has arrived in 1997 year, draws are held in Rome every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Minimum jackpot - 2 million, its maximum size is not limited. Number Lottery Formula 6 of 90, and speaking of chances, then the probability of hitting the jackpot (that is to guess 6 numbers from 90) makes an unthinkable meaning - 1 of 622 million! (1:622 614 630)

true, it is worth noting, that there are two large prizes in the lottery - the jackpot itself and the second category of winning: 5 + SuperStar (number from 1 to 90, retrievable separately). Given that, what's the probability of guessing 5 + 1, is "only" 1 of 103 million, and the amount for this category can be up to a million euros, then she looks quite decent. See the table below for the main SuperEnalotto winnings.:

Main categories of SuperEnalotto winnings: probability, maximum, minimum and average payments

If we talk about the full list of prizes, then everything in SuperEnalotto 16 prize categories, and the total coefficient of possible winnings is 1 to 16. Guessing the SuperStar matters a lot, it increases the chances of winning. Interestingly, if only SuperStar is guessed and no numbers from the main, then the payoff is 5 euros. SuperEnalotto bet value - 1 euros.

In addition to the standard prizes for the correct numbers, there are also random ones: for one out of every 500 of sold tickets winnings 25 euros.

As a result, that the probability of hitting the jackpot in SuperEnalotto is one of the most difficult in the world, big super prizes are regularly collected in this lottery, such as the:

  • 177,7 million euros - won 30 October 2016 a syndicate from Milan
  • 163,5 million euros - went to a player from the province of Vibo Valentia
  • 147,8 million euros - won 22 August 2009 of the year player from Tuscany

The triumphant of last year is still the record holder in terms of the amount of single winnings. However, his achievements may soon fade, since a new one is at stake, record jackpot - 199,4 million.

Only Italians can play the SuperEnalotto online. Everyone else who wants to (which are also missing) can only buy tickets while in Italy, or using ticket intermediaries (the largest and most worthy is TheLotter, in Russia it is known under the Sharplotto brand)

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