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Lotto has eight prize levels, which are drawn on a sweepstakes basis and depend on the number of tickets sold and the winners at each prize tier. Jackpot starts at 250 000 €, jackpot limit is 5 million.

The table below provides information on how to, how the prize pool is distributed and the probabilities of winning at each level. Five percent of the money is transferred to the Reserve Fund, which is used in Super Loto draws and to maintain the minimum jackpot amount.

Guessed numbers Prize pool distribution Probability of winning
7 33% 1 of 15 380 937
6 + 1 bonus 5% 1 of 2 197 277
6 7,50% 1 of 70 880
5 + 1 bonus 2,50% 1 of 47 253
5 11% 1 of 1 524
4 + 1 bonus 4% 1 of 2 835
4 16% 1 of 91
3 + 1 bonus 16% 1 of 391
Reserve fund 5%

Loto Plus

Loto Plus is a side game, which can only be played after purchasing a ticket for the main Loto draw. For, to play, indicate on the ticket, that you want to participate in Loto Plus, and seven numbers, your chosen Loto will also participate in this extra game. Its cost is equal to additional 0,40 € per line.

Loto Plus is played in the same way, like Loto, however, it uses a different set of winning numbers, and prizes are paid separately. Loto Plus jackpot size changes, however, it starts with 50 000 € and has a limit 5 million. All other prizes are fixed.

Guessed numbers Prizes Probability of winning
7 Minimum 50 000 € 1 of 15 380 937
6 + 1 7 000 € 1 of 2 197 277
6 1 000 € 1 of 70 880
5 + 1 100 € 1 of 47 253
5 30 € 1 of 1 524
4 + 1 7 € 1 of 2 835
4 2,50 € 1 of 91
3 + 1 2,50 € 1 of 391


In addition to Loto and Loto Plus, you can also take part in Slovenia's Lotko. For, to play Lotko, you must participate in the main Loto game.

The game is played out the same way, as Joker in other countries. A random six-digit number is already printed on the Loto ticket, and the goal of the game is to match these numbers with the winning Lotko draw numbers in the same sequence starting from the end.

for example, if the winning line is Lotko - 458756, win number 123456, since its last three digits from the end match: ****56. Prizes are awarded for matching one or more numbers in the correct order. The jackpot is won when all six numbers match.

Lotko jackpot size changes, while it starts with 100 000 € and has a limit 5 million. All other prizes are fixed. The table below shows the prizes available.

The cost of playing Lotko is 1,5 € per line.

Matching numbers (in the correct position from the end) Prize
6 Minimum 100 000 €
5 1 500 €
4 150 €
3 15 €
2 7,50 €
1 1,50 €

Super Lotto

Super Loto draws are held on specific dates throughout the year with larger prizes. Super version of all three games can be played - Loto, Lotto Plus and Lotko, - however they all play the same set of winning numbers. Super Loto draws are held as an addition to regular Loto games immediately after the Loto draw.

Super Loto costs 0,80 €, в Super Loto Plus - 0,60 € and in Super Lotko - 2 €. The guaranteed minimum Super Loto jackpot is 1 million.

Irish Lotto Review (Lotto)


Parameters The values
rules 6 of 47
Participants Ireland
Draw time Wed. 20:00
Sat. 20:00
Jackpot Payouts Cash
Tax requirements Lottery winnings are not subject to local tax.

Chances of Winning

Prizes Conformity Odds
1 Prize 6 1:10 737 573
2 Prize 5+1 1:1 789 595
3 Prize 5 1:44 740
4 Prize 4+1 1:17 895
5 Prize 4 1:917
6 Prize 3+1 1:688
7 Prize 3 1:55

The first debut of the Irish Lotto draw was 1988 of the year 16 April. At that time they wanted to replace the "Irish lottery" (Irish Sweepstakes). The main idea of ​​the lotto creators was to provide charitable assistance to Irish foundations, and they planned to invest the proceeds to improve the areas: health care, living conditions, sporting events, arts.

A special gambling law was created and passed in Ireland for the conduct of the draws.. Today the lotto is organized by the "An Post National Lottery Company" under the supervision and regulation of the Minister of State for Finance.

The plan was to hold a lottery every Saturday with a matrix 6 of 36. But in 1990 introduced an extra game every Wednesday.

Later, Stefan Klintsevich, together with a syndicate from Dublin, discovered a flaw in the system. The ticket price was too low and even after buying all the ballots the person remained in profit. After that, the matrix was changed to 6 of 39.

In winter 2006 the creators decided to increase lotto ticket sales and the jackpot amount. Therefore, according to the innovations, the player had now to guess 6 numbers from 45. AND 3 september 2015 the rules have changed again and remain unchanged to this day (now you need to guess 6 numbers from 47).

Spanish National Lottery – National Lottery

El Nino lotteries are held in Spain in the same way as El Gordo. (kid) and the National Lottery – National lottery. If El Gordo is drawn normally 22 December, then El Niño is played out 6 january. Nacional lottery is held on Thursdays and Saturdays weekly.

Loteria Nacional is also one of the world's oldest lottery projects. As with many other lotteries, it was created to replenish the treasury.

One tenth of the Spanish national lottery ticket (tenths) worth 12 euros. Respectively, if you want to buy the whole ticket – National lottery, you have to pay 120 euros.

On every ticket, ie. share printed his number, that is, a number from 00 000 to 99 9999. During the Nacional lottery draw, five balls with numbers are drawn from five reels. Then the procedure is carried out again for the second prize. Clear, that as in the case of the Christmas lottery, we are talking about very big chances of getting the main prize (which is, depending on the circulation, from 12 to 42 million euros) – 1 to only one hundred thousand.

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