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How future millionaires of the Russian Lotto choose tickets

For Alena Lazukina from the Moscow region, the lucky number is 13. It was this that helped the woman win a million. She chose lottery tickets that included her date of birth. 13 Martha, i.e 13 and 3. Thanks to this, in the New Year's win she won a million. It is worth noting, that many lottery ticket buyers use this method.

Nadezhda Krashenina trusted her inner voice. She never took part in lotteries. But once at the post office on the eve of the New Year I heard about the drawing of a billion and could not resist. Purchased lottery ticket won. So that, in this case it was intuition that helped. You can trust her too.

Ilnur Askhadullin recalls, that when I bought my lottery ticket, then asked the saleswoman, has anyone won large sums, to which she replied in the negative. The man laughed it off, what will be the first millionaire. And so it happened.

Olga Malinina and Ilya Poedinschikov from the Sverdlovsk Region were given a million in the form of a lottery ticket by their grandmother, who is fond of lotteries. Woman 89 and she started playing them back in the days of the USSR. Lucky ticket, who made her a millionaire, Father also gave to Inna Zamanova, a resident of the Krasnodar Territory. So you should trust the choice of family members.

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Responsible Gaming Principles

Responsible Lotoru play is based on three pillars: customer safety, game safety and protection against gambling addiction. The online casino is responsible for the safety of visitors, guaranteeing them confidentiality and protection of personal data. The integrity of the club is monitored by independent organizations. Also, the institution takes a responsible approach to player safety, protecting them from mistakes, which they can do inadvertently, and controlling their actions. To provide gamers with support, the club provides them with advice on responsible gaming and monitors the development of addiction to gambling. Visitors are provided with contacts of organizations, where they can get advice and assistance from professionals.

Flash and HTML5 technologies: main difference

By creating online slots, developers use HTML5 and Adobe Flash technologies. Thanks to Flash technology, any vector image can be enlarged several times without deterioration in quality, to create devices with convenient navigation and original design. Such video slots practically do not differ from mechanical "one-armed bandits". HTML5 technology opened up new horizons for developers in creating interactive content and made it possible to run machines on smartphones and tablets. No additional software installation required for multimedia playback, since this task is performed by the browser. Slots, developed using this technology, load quickly, saving traffic.

Lyubov Dogorova, who won the Russian Lotto, saved her husband

The lottery gives a chance to become a millionaire just by purchasing a ticket. The chance is of course very low, but still there are lucky ones, who got it. People are no exception in this regard., who played Russian Lotto and became millionaires. There are several stories about them.

A resident of St. Petersburg Lyubov Treaty in 1 january 2019 year became the owner of the amount, equal 500 million rubles. Then she bought 10 tickets with complete confidence, what will win some amount. But she did not immediately recognize the result.. Her family spent New Year's holidays outside the city, and when I returned, already checked ticket numbers.

Winning news 500 million put her in shock. He turned her life around, allowing you to give up the modest work of a cloakroom attendant and fulfill many of your dreams, and children's dreams. At the same time, this applies not only to the acquisition of material wealth, eg, buying a new living space.

Lyubov Treaty shared information with reporters that, that her husband was laid off even before, how did they become millionaires, and this led to a stroke in the man. Money won in the lottery, first of all, helped us provide him with quality medical care and rehabilitation. They literally saved his life.

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But it's important to remember, that information transmitted in this way is not subject to encryption

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