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Chinese lottery

Monte Carlo east – Macau

If we talk about gambling in China, one cannot say nothing about Macau. Despite the small population and size of the city, both by local standards, Macau is considered one of the pearls in the Chinese crown.

Only recently did this Portuguese colony become Chinese, but the peculiarities of local government are similar to those of Hong Kong, i.e, adopted a lot from European law. In Hong Kong, former British colony, gambling is also allowed, but Macau is developing faster in this direction. Local administration has broader powers, but most importantly, gambling is allowed in Macau. IN 1999 year Macau became part of China with a developed system of gambling business, which has functioned and developed here for over a hundred years. Beijing did not immediately start breaking traditions, giving 50 years of respite to the new district of the people's republic. Or in the meantime, China will lift bans on gambling, or Macau will cease to be one of the centers of the world gambling.

Online betting started in Macau in 2003 year. There are more than two hundred land-based betting points in the city.. Macau has about six hundred telephone betting services. Online betting is slowly replacing telephone. In addition to sports betting, betting on dog and horse racing is very popular in the city.. This is the historical pride of the city. Horse racing betting offered by Macau Jockey Club, one of the largest frequent establishments in the city, where only the staff counts 2 500 thousand people.

There is a similar club in Hong Kong, equally famous. This is the legendary Hong Kong Jockey Club, based in 1884 year. Beyond traditional horse racing betting, some time ago this club began to accept bets on football matches. Like his brother in Macau, Hong Kong Jockey Club has a sports betting license issued by the Chinese authorities.

Macau prepares to take over the crown from Las Vegas. Not only Chinese, but tourists from developed countries also flock to this city that never stops. And only here and in Hong Kong, betting lovers can indulge in their favorite entertainment.. And Macau grows thanks to gambling, which provide forty percent of the city's gross domestic product. Gambling taxes are 70% all city income.

Keno's introduction in North America

In North America, no one heard of the "China Lottery" until 19 in., when immigrants from China brought this game to California. Immigrants to America were attracted by the Gold Rush. However, instead of, to wash gold, they had to work for little money on the construction of railways. It was then that the "China Lottery" became popular in California., and then in

Nevada, where the gambling industry was already in full swing. The term keno was originally the name for the game of bingo. In America, the "China Lottery" was called "Keno Racing" - this is how the gambling business in Nevada avoided trouble with the law., since lotteries were banned at that time, but horse racing - no. The casino owners staged fictitious "horse racing", and each number on the ticket represented a "horse". Players had to guess, which "horse" will win. Even now, keno is sometimes called "horse racing", and casino players can say, that they "went to the races".

Originally for playing Keno Racing 80 numbers were written on pieces of paper and laid out in cardboard boxes. For each draw, the boxes were drawn 20 leaflets with numbers. Later, boxes and leaves were replaced with wooden balls., who were nicknamed "peas" (“peas”). Then these balls were in turn replaced with bouncing ping-pong balls., on which numbers were applied.

In the American version of China Lottery, the group of numbers, which the player marks on the keno ticket, called spot. for example, player, choosing 8 spots in a 4x dollar ticket, raffles a $ 4 ticket with 8 spots. If the participant chooses 30 numbers by 1 dollar, then he raffles a one-dollar ticket with 30 spots. The term "spot" was first used in the original version of the "China Lottery". There, participants marked the numbers on the ticket with a brush and ink, therefore the selected numbers were called "spot" - "speck". Ink was used to, to make the bet final, and the player could not change his choice at the last moment. A couple of casinos still exist in Las Vegas, where spots are marked on the keno ticket in the traditional way, while in other casinos a hole is punched in the lottery slip in place of the selected number.

Online sector

Concerning the online sector, then in China everything is very sad. Authorities allowed only two operators of sports lotteries to accept bets via the Internet. Chinese authorities are fighting Western companies with all available means. IN 2014 year scandal broke out, when it became known, what are the online bets on the site of the British bookmaker Bet 365 four Chinese citizens were arrested. The information was published by the British newspaper "Guardian". Bookmaker denied accusations, but at the same time does not stop working in the Far East, constantly changing site addresses and confusing regulatory authorities. Also Bet365 has its own call center, where employees work, know Chinese, specifically to support their services in China.

Keno in modern America

IN 1963 r. the US government imposed a tax on profits, derived from racing, Keno Races also fell under the same tax.. Then the casino dropped the word "horse racing" from the name of the lottery, and she became known as just keno. To 1989 playing keno in Nevada couldn't win more 50 000 dollars, however, since that time, jackpot amounts have skyrocketed, and it has been around this time that keno began to gain popularity on the Internet., and various variations of keno have become popular all over the world. Lotteries of this type are often used by the authorities to raise money for military and civilian needs., as well as for charity. These games are drawn every day or every week., and the winning numbers are printed in newspapers or announced on radio and television.

Gambling is prohibited in China

As a relic of the communist past and semi-communist present, there is a ban on gambling in the country. This applies to all games, except for the lottery, which, thanks to such an exception, enjoys incomparable popularity in the Middle Kingdom. The state maintains a whole army of officials, preventing the development of underground gambling. Moreover, the punishment is generally stricter, than in Europe.

The online gambling sector is being fought with equal enthusiasm. China, as the owner of the famous "Golden Shield", tracking and filtering out unwanted content from the Internet, can effectively fight lawbreakers. Thus, local organizers of online bookmakers are at great risk. Players are usually not penalized, but getting to the website of the western bookmaker is not easy.

Keno vocabulary

Edge ticket (Edge Ticket) - ticket, where all numbers are marked on the edge.

Exacta - keno ticket, which can be played in two games; sometimes special bonus payments are offered on such tickets when certain numbers appear.

Game without money (Free Play) - Keno ticket, according to which, when winning, instead of money, the player gets a chance to play again.

Group (Group) - all spots, marked on the ticket.

Hit (Hit) - number match, marked on the ticket with the number, dropped out as a result of the rally.

Domestic ticket (Inside Ticket) - ticket, in which the player marked the numbers and which sent them to the window of the agent keno. The ticket is called domestic, while the player is waiting for computer confirmation of the selected numbers and printout of the check.

Jackpot (Jackpot) - bonus amount of money, paid out as the top prize in a keno game series.

Keno screen (Keno Board) - also called "Big Screen" (“Big Board”) - screen, on which numbers are shown, Keno drawn in the drawing. Such a screen can be placed almost anywhere - in the keno hall, in the casino, in bars and anywhere else, where are the keno players.

Keno Hall (Keno Lounge) - special hall, where keno players can sit, relax and watch, how the computer determines the winning numbers. This room has everything you need to play - booklets with rules, blank keno tickets and pencils.

Agent Keno (Keno Writer) - the colloquial name of the clerk, issuing a prize, printing tickets and interacting with keno players.

King (King) - one single number, marked on the ticket.

Left-handed / Right-hand ticket (Left-Right Ticket) - ticket, in which the player, placing a bet, tries to guess - the winning numbers will be located on the left or right side of the ticket.

Keno reusable ticket (Multi Game Keno Ticket) - ticket, with which you can play on multiple games, sometimes up to a thousand.

Payout booklet (Paybook) - booklet, which describes the rules of the game, and also the system, by which casino pays winnings. Usually such booklets are in keno halls or at special lottery windows and counters..

Pay (Payoff) - amount of money, payable to the player upon winning.

Paytable (Pay Table) - printed or published table, in which the system of payments for each of the winning options is described.

Series of games (Progressive) - game, in which the main prize is not paid after each game, but postponed to the next round, constantly increasing in size, and its amount is paid in full based on the results of a series of games.

"Quick choice" (Quick Pick) - ticket, on which numbers are randomly selected and marked by a computer, not manually by the player.

Random number generator (Random Number Generator) - program, randomly picking keno numbers.

RNG game (Random Number Generator) - Keno game, where the numbers are "pulled" by the random number generator.

Runner (Runner) - casino employee, which collects bets and pays winnings to players, not sitting in the keno hall, and in other halls of the casino.

Video (Spot) - number, marked by the player on the ticket.

Upper / Lower ticket (Top-Bottom Ticket) - ticket, in which the player places a bet on 40 largest or smallest rooms, and gets a prize depending on the number of hits.

Video keno (Video Keno) - keno, played on an electronic terminal, numbers are "pulled" by a random number generator.

Rate (Wager) - amount, which the player decides to take when playing keno.

Way - another way to bet in keno, usually the result of combining two or more numbers or spots on a combined ticket.

Way ticket (Way Ticket) - ticket, allowing different betting (bet on groups or combinations of numbers) and thus, allowing you to win in different "ways".

How ancient keno was played

In the ancient "China Lottery" of General Chueng Leung, players had to choose a set of characters from 120 hieroglyphs and mark them. 120 hieroglyphs were divided into 8 categories. Twice a day, the emperor drew random combinations. If players lost in the same category, they lost three times the bet, and if they won, they received their bet back tenfold.

Ancient China had no electricity or telephones, therefore, carrier pigeons were used to distribute the results of the lottery throughout the state. Because of this, after a while, the game became known as the "Lottery of White Doves" (White Pigeon Game).

The draw usually took place daily - once in the morning and once in the evening. The lottery was so popular, that the Chueng Lueng government, after just ten draws, was able to fully restore the army with money, received from the game. Some Chinese sages called this lottery "tax for idiots". Is considered, what indirect taxes, collected from this game of chance, enough to build the Great Wall of China. In modern China, this form of keno is still called the "Thousand Classical Characters" (“The Thousand Character Classic”) and played out 2 once a day. From a thousand hieroglyphs are chosen 80, which are applied to the card by sections. Each section has 10 hieroglyphs. Players can wager any amount of money in each of the categories, depending on whether, which of the lottery options they want to play.

Keno Winning Odds and Payout Percentages

To understand, what are the odds of winning in keno, you need to understand first, how is the game going. Keno uses 80 balls, each of which has a number - from 1 to 80. In each draw, randomly drawn 20 balls, whose numbers are shown on screens or electronic boards - keno scoreboard. The results of the drawing are also shown on the scoreboard, located throughout the casino, and in the keno hall, depending on the options of the game, the winnings are paid. The goal of the keno player is to choose the numbers, which, in his opinion, will fall out during the drawing. These 20 numbers are drawn randomly, and the casino dealer calls them. Before this, balls with numbers are shuffled. If you are playing online, then the numbers are "drawn" using a computer program - a random number generator. Usually, players mark the numbers in the slip with special black markers or pencils, after which they transfer it to the agent, which certifies the selected numbers and issues a printed ticket in return. The best odds when betting keno, what should be your bets to win in keno? The exact answer cannot be given, as each casino has its own rules - you can find and read them in special booklets, which will also help you make a decision, how much to bet on each ticket.In most cases, casinos have some kind of bonuses for bets, but most often the keno winning table looks like this (Do not forget, that this is just an example):

Drawing 6 rooms (spots)

quantity rate $1 rate $2 rate $3
3 1 2 5
4 8 16 40
5 50 100 250
6 1500 3000 7500

"The drawing 6 numbers "means, that you can win the indicated amounts, if you mark on your ticket 6 Drawn Numbers. Numbers are also sometimes referred to as spots. For example, if you choose 5 numbers - you play 5 spots. If you choose 6 numbers - you play 6 spots. You can choose any number of rooms, the above paytable is just an example of, what a keno payout system might look like. The $ 1 Bet column shows, how much is the win, if you put on your ticket 1 dollars. Even just looking at this column is easy to understand, why keno is so popular - putting everything 1 dollar you can win $ 1500. The bet is larger than the minimum, recommended in this casino, does not give you a strategic advantage, since the payout at the highest bet is simply proportional to its size. If you guess "total" 5 rooms, the payment will be much less, than if you guess everything 6 rooms, and will constantly decrease - to 1 dollar, if you guess 3 numbers from 6. And if you guess less than three numbers, you can throw out the ticket, he costs nothing. As seen from the table, if you mark 6 numbers and guess everything 6, then if you bet one dollar you win 1500 dollars. However, the probability of this is approximately 1 to 7500.

Lottery - a kind of bet

Interesting, that the lottery appeared in China at the initiative of the government. At the turn of the century, officials worried about, that the growing number of retirees will need to somehow be supported, but for two hundred million people there was no money in the budget. So the lottery permitting initiative, which, like all gambling in China, was banned for half a century, found fertile ground. At first, the government counted on at least 100 million dollars in revenue in the first quarter after approval. But expectations were less rosy, than reality. Not even twenty years have passed, and residents of the country buy tickets for 67 billion dollars! (2017 year). What remains for the Chinese to play, if not in the lottery?

The Chinese lottery is somewhat similar in principle to betting. Bettors of the Celestial Empire put bets mainly on the matches of foreign football championships, basketball, baseball. An interesting feature of such bets is the floating odds for a single event. I.e, if the bettor made a bet three days before the match on an event with a coefficient 2,5, and in two days he fell to 1,5, then the player will eventually receive a win, if the bet works, exactly starting from the last kef. The lottery service belongs to the state, and thus it insures against surprises.

Another type of lottery is something, similar to european express. Need to guess the outcome 14 matches, in this case, the lucky owner of the lottery ticket will have a solid jackpot. But here, too, the state showed its will - the gain should not exceed 5 million yuan (near 160 one thousand dollars). One wrongly guessed outcome will reduce the bettor's winnings to 30% of the jackpot amount. There are other types of lottery, in which the less the number of events, the more stringent conditions for victory. In a four-match express, you need to predict all the final results along with the exact score..

Keno Hall

There are usually keno lounges in casinos, where you can see the drawn numbers on the big screen. Sometimes it is a video monitor, sometimes just a board with flashing numbers. The keno room also houses the agent's counter, as well as markers and slips. In the UK, these slips are sometimes called tickets. (tickets).There is a special graph at the bottom of each keno slip, where you should write the number of numbers you selected. You also need to write the amount there, which you want to put. This is to avoid disputes in case of wrongly marked numbers., how can this be, but in Europe some keno lotteries are played out so quickly, that between draws there is practically no time to mark numbers on the ticket.

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