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PSG v Gengam

The current French Cup winner will host Guingamp at home. Guests have no illusions about getting into 1/8 finale. PSG is one of the best clubs in Europe at the moment, if not the best. But Guingamp will try to do the impossible, replay favorite. There is no doubt, that the "tractor drivers" at the beginning of the match will really do their best, that's just one effort, for sure, will not be enough. The Parisians in the class are significantly superior to the opponent. Given the busy schedule of the capital team, I'm sure, that Unai Emery's team will play as a semi-reserve squad and will try to remove all questions regarding the winner of the duel in the first half. Likely, will not enter the field again Neymar, who is the first time named Footballer of the Month in the League 1. Brazilian doesn't want to risk his health ahead of Champions League matches against Real Madrid, although the doctors did not find anything serious. Besides, Neymar offended at the fans of the Parisian club, who booed him in the match against Dijon. If it goes on like this, then he may refuse to play because of a fresh pedicure.

Every fan knows, how cool it is to have a super sab on your team, who needs half an hour of playing time for a goal. The Parisians are Edinson Cavani, who should score today, and become PSG's top scorer of all time. The outcome of the match entirely depends on the mood and desire of PSG players to play football. If they want, they can do that and defeat. But no, you will achieve a comfortable advantage, and then go to economy mode. One thing is clear - the victory will not go anywhere from the hosts..

In this meeting, PSG bookmakers consider the clear favorite. The capital club has no competition in the championship, and it is he who is the main contender for victory in the French Cup. Last weekend, Unai Emery's wards lost away to Lyon (1:2), but this defeat should whip up the Parisians. Already 7 matches in a row "PSG" in Paris wins "Guingamp" with a clean sheet. This series will lengthen today.

"Trois" - "Saint-Etienne"

Champagne at home will face one of the main disappointments of the current championship, Saint-Etienne. In early October, these teams within the League 1 met in Troyes. Despite the removal of the support, Azamuma, on 34 minute "farmers" were able to defeat the "saints" (2:1).

Now their paths cross again, but under special circumstances. Both teams are at the bottom of the table, they borrow 15 and 16 places and suffer from numerous gaming problems. But it is the Champagne that is in a winning situation before this meeting..

Saint-Etienne - the team, former Eurocup, and defended the honor of French football on the international loan, 10-multiple champion of France - today stands at the edge. This chasm is elimination in the League 2. However, even now, few people believe, that the "saints" will manage to stay in the elite. And most importantly, it feels like, that the players themselves do not believe in their luck.

Players are sluggish, ideally, take defeat for granted. It's a sad sight, and not only because, what's on the field of hope, but also for the reason, that there is a crisis in the club itself. There is no money to strengthen the team, new investor too, the coach does not have the necessary authority, he cannot completely find a way out of this situation. It will sound incredible, but now Saint-Etienne deserves to be in the relegation zone. Troyes have every chance to win, because the greens are in terrible shape, which is reflected in their standings.

Whether English, whether Russian football

Purchase “Monaco” Rybolovlev – already the fifth major acquisition of a foreign football club by a Russian businessman in 2011 year. The first was the former head of the district “Khimki”, founder of the football and basketball clubs of the same name Yuri Korablin. In February 2011 he acquired an Italian club “Venice”, amateur division. Media reported, that he intends to bring the club to the top league of the country within five years.

In the summer, businessman Vladimir Antonov acquired an English football club “Portsmouth”. Command, same, as well “Monaco”, going through hard times, and the owners of the club have been experiencing a real “leapfrog”. FROM 2006 of the year “Portsmouth” managed to change the owner three times. The son of billionaire Arkady Gaydamak, Alexander, could not bring the club out of the crisis and sold it to a group of entrepreneurs from the United Arab Emirates. But they also failed to achieve a positive result., and the club went to Antonov.

But in the fall, the British media reported, that the current owner got rid of “Portsmouth”. Recently, the businessman has had difficulties – the authorities of Latvia and Lithuania opened criminal cases against him and his partner in the bankrupt bank Snoras. Remarkably, that Vladimir Antonov is now awaiting a possible extradition in London – apparently, closer to the club.

Another “crisis” english football club – “Bournemouth” – went to the Russian businessman Maxim Demin. The management of the team sold to the co-owner of the bank “Zenith” 50 percent of club shares in October 2011 of the year. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed, but from the statements of the team's management it became clear, what the British expect significant investments from Demin. Once upon a time “Bournemouth” played in the premier league, but in 2010 flew in “championship”, had to sell several players.

In May 2011 Chechen businessman Bulat Chagaev acquired the Swiss football club “Xamax”. The amount of the transaction was also not disclosed., in an interview with a local TV channel, the businessman said: “Count, what for one franc”. true, later in an interview with the publication “Sports” Chagaev admitted, what did you spend on the club 12 million euros. The entrepreneur also said, that he can buy a stadium, which speaks “Xamax”, if the command will show “good football”.

At the time of purchase, the club was in a difficult position and was ranked third from the end in the national championship. But, looks like, Chagaev's not everything goes smoothly in Switzerland – The media reported an investigation into him in connection with the presentation of fake income documents, and also about the absence of social contributions from the club. Besides, bankruptcy lawsuit was filed in the fall “Xamax”. Therefore, it is possible, that plans to buy a stadium he put on the back burner. In October, Chagaev was sent an offer to sell the club, but he refused, stated, what “Xamax – this is his passion”, and “football – his soul”.

Sure, many businessmen (and not only for businessmen) I would like to be like the owners of English Premier League clubs Roman Abramovich (“Chelsea”) and Alisher Usmanov (“Arsenal”). However, not everyone has enough money to buy prestigious and successful teams, as well as for their further development.

But this year foreign clubs, certainly, became fashion. Sure, it would be better for Russian football, if businessmen decided to follow the example of Suleiman Kerimov with his “Anji”, although some people compare this club with “Oriental bazaar”.

"Tour" - "Match"

Metz were the worst team in the fall in France, but then he packed up and got 4 victories in 5 matches. After this successful series, "pomegranate" remained in last place, now in his asset 15 glasses.

In a hopeless position in the League 2 is "Tour", this team is also an outsider, but the gap with competitors remains huge. IN 22 tours he was able to earn only 9 points, 7 of them in home matches.

I dont know, what composition will the guest coach Frederick Huntz put up for this meeting?, Does Metz need a victory in a cup match?? 7 matches in a row "dragons" score, and "Tour" in a match with a representative of the elite will be overly motivated.

"Both To Score".

Monaco - Lyon

We are on the cusp of the most intriguing match in 1/16 French Cup final, it's incredibly difficult to predict the outcome, not realizing that, what is really happening now with the teams.

Monaco interrupted a two-legged losing streak this weekend, having achieved success in the home confrontation with Metz (3:1). true, he was helped in this by the removal of the guests.

Lyon defeated PSG at home on Sunday (2:1). And in this match, it was not without removal, let the guests down Alves.

Monaco, possibly, saved more strength before an important cup confrontation, however, it will not be easy for the owners to achieve a positive result. The guests will try to take the victory again, to continue moving forward. "Weavers" look quite decent and know how to attack beautifully. Fast flanks are often used by the team.. In this fight there is a high probability of Victoria "weavers".

As a result, Monaco has the most in France for half a season (if not in Europe) experimented with game models, and that's all because, that there was no one to replace the left leaders. And here, the complicated calendar of recent weeks has hit the functional state of the players, and there is no need to wait for improvement. One hope remains for character.

In this confrontation, I propose to put on "TB 2,5 naked ». Monaco's unbeaten streak has already 9 duels, 7 from which were won. IN 8 meetings of them Monegasques scored 2 and more heads.

Lyon managed to win away 9 of 11 previous matches at 2 defeats. For 12 last matches away "lions" have not scored only once, and in five meetings hit the target at least three times (three times in a row "weavers" won with a score 5:0).

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A new page in history “Monaco”

In the evening 23 December on the official website of the football club “Monaco” there was information about, what is the owner 66,67 Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev became a percentage of the club's shares. Under the terms of the agreement, entrepreneur invests in development “Monaco” 100 million euros over four years.

33,33 percent remain in the hands of the Association Sportive de Monaco Football Club (AS Monaco FC), representing the interests of the government of the Principality of Monaco. Under the terms of the deal, representatives of the entrepreneur and AS Monaco FC will manage the sports club jointly.

In the same communique, you can see the statements of Rybolovlev himself and Prince of Monaco Albert II. “I do not consider this deal to be just an acquisition, I regard it as the beginning of a new effective partnership for development 'Monaco'”, – said the Russian businessman.

According to the entrepreneur, he is a football fan and, having lived long enough in Monaco, understands, what club – “it is not just a sports team of the principality”. “The football club is one of the main symbols of the country, symbolizes pride and tradition”, – Rybolovlev noted. Prince Albert declared, what's the deal “opens a new page in the history of the club”, and expressed hope, what team “will progress and develop”.

Apparently, with their statements, both sides wanted to smooth out a small media “embarrassment”, which accompanied the transaction. In November, Prince Albert II informed the local Nice Matin newspaper about the forthcoming sale of the club to a Russian businessman., without giving a name. Then the newspapers found out, that this businessman is none other, like Rybolovlev.

Also reported, that by agreement with Rybolovlev the club will be headed by a close acquaintance of the prince, football manager Jean-Marc Guanard. At the same time, information about the purchase amount appeared – near 200 million euros. But Rybolovlev himself, two days after Albert II's statements, renounced the club., noting, what “currently no negotiations about my (Rybolovleva – financing or acquiring the football club 'Monaco’ not conducted”.

Certainly, club “Monaco” investments are very much needed now. Since the football club is the only one in the principality, it is part of the French football system. Once upon a time “Monaco” won the French championship seven times, and in 2004 reached the Champions League final. But lately the team is in deep crisis.: she plays in the second most important division of the French championship (League 2). Moreover, after 16 games “Monaco” recorded only one victory. Due to lack of funding in recent years “Monaco” was forced to sell several top players.

There are several assumptions, why did Rybolovlev need one of the most titled in France, but clearly in crisis “Monaco”. Local media believe, that the Russian businessman was asked to invest in the club by Albert II himself, who is on good terms with a businessman. Forbes magazine writes, that for Rybolovlev, buying a club is a road to the elite of the principality, in which he has lived for a long time and has a residence permit. Remarkably, what earlier and, possibly, for the same purposes ex-owner “Uralkali” acquired the prestigious La Belle Epoque penthouse in Monaco.

According to the publication, Rybolovlev is really into football. Not being a fan of any one club, he regularly attends matches of various teams. He intends to manage the club personally, write the media with reference to sources, close to the businessman. Rybolovlev himself stated, what he thinks “Monaco” promising club, therefore, finally discard the assumption, that a businessman intends to invest money for profit, also not allowed.

But it is also possible, that the club is for Rybolovlev nothing more than “prestigious” purchase from a series of yachts – villas – French newspapers, which, certainly, like Russian businessmen.

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