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In January 2014 of the Years Norsk Tipping Has Finally Created Something Like a Casino, what they call Kong Kasino. Website – this is the first online casino, which operates in Norway with the permission of the Norwegian authorities. It offers a variety of casino games, slot machines, bingo, video poker and scratch cards. Kong Kasino was launched with the aim of stopping the growth in the number of people, who play in foreign online casinos and withdraw money from the country.

Of course, Norsk Tipping has to follow strict rules, established by Norwegian gambling law. And players immediately noticed the significant differences between this casino and an online casino., owned by foreign companies.

  1. Kong Kasino has exactly working hours. You can imagine this in any online casino?! But Kong Kasino is open only with 07:00 to 03:00.
  2. The selection of games at Kong Kasino is much smaller, than traditional online casinos. At that time, foreign online casinos, usually, offer players hundreds of different games, Kong Kasino only has 68 games, currently available. Probably, this set of games will increase somewhat over time, but at the moment it is very poor.
  3. Slots, offered by Kong Kasino, are made only by Norsk Tipping and are different from those slot machines, to which people are used to. Since Norsk Tipping does not partner with well-known game developers, such as Net Entertainment and Microgaming, then in Kong Kasino you will not find the famous and popular all over the world slot machines.
  4. Kong Kasino has limited bets. for example, no more than 0,1 crowns per line. It is much less, than possible in foreign online casinos.
  5. Kong Kasino does not give players a bonus when opening an account. And other bonuses too.

Kong Kasino's only advantage is, that winnings are tax-free. Playing at other online casinos, Norwegian players must pay taxes on all individual income over 10 000 dollars. However, winning at Kong Kasino will never be as big., like in foreign online casinos, where with luck it is possible to win millions of dollars.

Is gambling business legal in Norway??

Only two state-owned companies are engaged in gambling in Norway. Only some areas of the gambling business are allowed in the country. Wherein, Norway is known for professional poker players. Annette Obrestad recently became famous (Annette Obrestad) - woman and youngest player, ever won a World Series of Poker bracelet.

A brief history of Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto

As already said, two state-owned companies control the entire gambling business in Norway. This is Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto.

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Norwegian gambling

Norsk Tipping is a lottery company headquartered in Hamar (Soon). The company offers a large selection of lotteries, sports and instant games. It is run by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, which defines, how much time and money can Norwegians spend on gambling.

The company was founded in 1948 year. Her profits go to the development of Norwegian sports and culture. When it was founded, only football betting functioned in the country. The block of shares was owned by three owners:

  • the state – 40%;
  • Norwegian Sports Federation – 40%;
  • Norwegian Football Association – 20%.

IN 1993 year, the state acquired 100% ACTION Norsk Tipping.

The company's website was launched in 1999 year. In November 2005 the company entered the mobile phone market.

Norsk Tipping offers the following games:

  • gambling: Lotto, Viking Lotto, Keno, Joker;
  • skill games: Tipping, The odds;
  • Flax scratch game;
  • TV game Extra.

The listed games require registration and a special payment card. Only those online games are legal, offered by Norsk Tipping.

Norsk Rikstoto

Norsk Rikstoto - also, which deals exclusively with horse racing in Norway. It is founded 24 september 1982 of the year, to legally run a tote called V6.

The organization was co-founded by the Norwegian Trotting Association and the Norwegian Jockey Club. Norsk Rikstoto is headquartered in Oslo.

IN 1996 year the company received the right to conduct all sweepstakes in the country. For a long time, its own TV channel Rikstoto Direkte has been operating. Conditional 3,7% the annual income of the enterprise goes to the state.

Of all types of sweepstakes in Norway, only horse racing is allowed. There are six tracks for trotting and one for gallop in the country..

How to play Viking Lotto correctly?

Sure, many people are interested in, how to play Viking Lotto and ultimately improve your financial situation. Vikinglotto rules are very simple. Any adult can play Viking Lotto. The minimum age of the participant in the game ranges from 18 to 21 years - depending on the country of participation. One and the same Vikinglotto ticket can participate in several lottery draws at once, if the player purchased a paid subscription.

In Finland there is an opportunity
purchase of additional option "number +". Sure, viking lotto ticket with
additional option costs a little more, but if the numbers match correctly
the presence of an additional option allows you to increase the prize several times. By purchasing
ticket, you need to fill it out. The player must indicate 6 numbers - from 1 to 48 and
additional number from 1 to 8. I.e, in total seven should be specified

The chances of winning at Vikinglotto significantly increase
several game strategies. Firstly, is participation in a syndicate of players. When
the ticket buyer joins such a syndicate, he gets the opportunity
guaranteed win.

Except for the union, you can join
game bank, which operates in a similar way. Secondly, can
put on several VikingLotto draws at once, which is also significant
will increase the chances of winning. Thirdly, for additional money you can purchase
possibility of using not 6, and 9 numbers and their various combinations.

Naturally, that the study of the circulation archive
Viking lotto significantly increases the player's chances of success. As in others
lotteries, a systematic approach and mathematical calculation are very important here, but
banal luck also plays a very important role. So do not neglect
by researching the archives of draws and establishing the dependence of the probability of winning
from certain number combinations.

It is worth remembering that, that only the jackpot and second tier prizes are the same in all Vikinglotto participating countries. All other prizes may vary depending on the country of the game, as well as lottery ticket prices, which also differ in different states, participating in the Viking lotto.

Play online

To play Vikinglotto online, just click on the "Play" button below or touch it:

Approximate amount of the next jackpot:
Next draw: Wednesday, 26 August

I play online, you automatically receive the following additional benefits:

  • Safety. Your tickets are automatically saved to your online account, as soon as you pay for them. This eliminates the possibility of loss, damage or theft of the ticket.
  • Convenience. Tickets can be purchased at any time and on any device. Furthermore, if you win a prize, you will receive an automatic notification!
  • Payouts. If you have chosen the lucky numbers and won a prize, winnings will be immediately transferred to your account after confirming the winnings.

How to play

Vikinglotto players need to choose six numbers from 1 to 48 and Viking number from 1 to 8. Members can either choose their own numbers, or use the Quick Pick function ("Quick choice"), which automatically generates a random set of numbers.

To win the jackpot, players need to match all six main numbers and the Viking number. The jackpot amount starts from 3 million euros, and, if the jackpot is not played, he goes to the next draw. After the jackpot exceeds the limit of 35 million euros, additional prize amount is added to the lower tier prize, which can be won, by matching all six main numbers without the Viking number.

Prizes of the top two tiers will be distributed among all participating countries, and the rest of the prizes are set individually by each participating State. A percentage of the revenue from each ticket sale contributes to the total prize pool, and the remaining money is distributed among the remaining prize tiers in each country.

The following table shows the different prize levels and the odds of winning in each category.

Guessed 6 + Viking ball Total jackpot (minimum 3 million euros) 1 of 98 172 096
Guessed 6 General prize 1 of 14 024 585
Guessed 5 + Viking ball Special prizes in countries 1 of 389 572
Guessed 5 Special prizes in countries 1 of 55 653
Guessed 4 + Viking ball Special prizes in countries 1 of 7 601
Guessed 4 Special prizes in countries 1 of 1 086
Guessed 3 + Viking ball Special prizes in countries 1 of 428
Guessed 3 Special prizes in countries 1 of 61
Guessed 2 + Viking ball Special prizes in countries 1 of 58
Guessed 2 Special prizes in countries 1 of 8

Prize levels differ in each participating country, and not all countries offer all of the above prize levels.

A number of additional games are also held in selected countries, such as various Joker games, in which players must match up to seven numbers in exact order, in which they are determined during the rally.

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