The most win-win lottery in russia

How to win at & quot; Russian Lotto" large sum of money - secrets of winning

Lottery in verses Option number 2


So that you are not bored, We give you a piece of soap! There will be something to keep your hands busy, It's certainly not boring!


To solve scanwords, You need knowledge just darkness! We know, you will break records for mental agility!


There is no need to iron them at all.! May these fashionable laces be with you!


So that you have a supply of paper Could warm your soul, We give you this wonderful notebook without straining!


Yogurt is a real deal, There would be money, to buy! But you shouldn't spend money, We can give you!

Sucking candy

Bears suck paw and papilla - child, And you suck our Sweetie, grunting!

Roll of toilet paper

It is fashionable to keep a diary, We do not argue about! It is convenient to write it In such a roll! After all, in it you will reliably conceal your secret, So that no one accidentally sticks it into your life!

Coffee bag

Stop the loss of strength He will always take! The deficit used to be, "Coffee" it is called! So that, give a deficit, May he keep his strength!

Eraser eraser

Life at times, as known, Consists of little things, That is why it is so lovely to receive this gift! Though a trifle, but nice, Will you erase her stains!


It's just that no one will ever give candy! Earn this award., generally, is always! We just adore you and supply you with candy!

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