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Winning statistics: probability of winning lotteries

The better to buy tickets online?

How many tickets do you need to buy, to be guaranteed to win the Russian Lotto?

As you know, the probability of winning in the Russian Lotto is quite predictable, as mathematically, and statistically. And if not everyone is strong in mathematics and probability theory, then the purely statistical probability is quite easy to check, and from it it is easy to understand how many tickets you need to buy for a guaranteed win in the Russian Lotto.

Let's take game statistics for any lottery draw. To do this, on the stoloto website, open the "Russian Lotto" lottery and click on the link "Draws archive". Let's open for example the result of the drawing of the draw №1309 from 10 November 2019 of the year, in which in the bag at the end of the game there was 3 barrel. You can see the full version of statistics on the site yourself, here I have reduced the picture for clarity. In this data, we are interested in two numbers – how many tickets were sold in total and how many of them won. Moreover, the number of winning tickets will have to be calculated by ourselves., adding up all the tickets for each game round, but it's not that hard.

The results of this game show, that everything took part in it 2 045 701 ticket, but only won 577 405. By simply dividing one number by another, we get, that the probability of winning is 1 to 3,54. Thus, if you buy 4 ticket, then you are likely 99,9% win anything. Though, if you are a special "lucky" then there is little chance, that none of your tickets will win anything there, as well as there is an even lower probability, that all four tickets will win at once, it will depend on the specific cards you choose.

I will note again, that the statistics above refer to circulation, in which at the end of the game remains 3 barrel. However, in most runs, by the end of the 4, in them, of course, the probability of winning is slightly less. And finally, there are circulations, where at the end of the game only 2 barrel, in them the probability of winning is 1 to 2,25. That is, it is enough to buy in them 3 ticket, to win at least something. These are usually festive editions., which I already mentioned a little above and it was in them that I recommended to participate. These circulations include the so-called "New Year's Billion", circulation No. 1316, which will be held 1 january 2020 of the year.

Thus, the minimum number of tickets for winning is easily calculated and now you yourself can calculate it for all types of draws and even lotteries..

What lottery to play?

Further will be presented 6 the most significant factors, based on which it is necessary to make decisions for choosing a lottery:

Lottery ticket price

The cost of one lottery ticket is one of the most significant factors in increasing the chances of winning.. Really, Let's take a look at one of the most common lottery formats – "6 out of 45". The chance of winning the jackpot with this game format is 1 to 8.145.060. In this case, the cost of the Australian Monday Lotto is 1,10$ and the cost is Austrian Lotto 3,30$. In other words, you can purchase one Austrian Lotto ticket, or 3 Australian Monday Lotto ticket, thereby increasing your chances of winning in 3 times. And then your chances of winning the jackpot will be 1 to 2.715.020. I think, you get the gist.

Jackpot Winning Odds

Next, we will analyze such a factor as "The probability of winning the jackpot". It directly depends on the format of that lottery, which you chose. And at the moment there are a lot of them.. There are all known "6 out of 45" or "7 out of 49", but there are exotic, such as "5 of 60 + 1 of 4 ". To make it clear, what I'm talking about, we will take two lotteries again, in which the size of the jackpot today is approximately equal and is 330 million rubles. The first – Canadian Lotto 649 (6 out of 49 game format) with odds of winning a jackpot 1 to 13.983.816. The second – German Lotto (the format of the game "6 of 49 + 1 of 10 ") with odds of winning a jackpot 1 to 125.854.344. In this case, the jackpot is the same, but so that the chances of winning are equal, need to purchase 9 German Lotto tickets and everything 1 Canadian Lotto ticket 649. I think, here everything became immediately clear.

Jackpot size

Now let's dwell on such a factor as "Jackpot size". This value depends not only on the lottery, but also from the drawing in each lottery. Since there are games with a fixed grand prize, but there is a funded system. In the second case, the value of the jackpot grows from drawing to drawing., given that, that in the last draw the coveted prize was not raffled. As usual, for example, we will take two lotteries. I want to notice right away, that the cost of these lotteries will be the same and at the moment is 5,45$. The first – French Loto, the jackpot of which for the next draw is 3 million euros. The second – Spanish EuroMillions, main which prize for the next draw 25 million euros. Probably, everything is clear here.

Optimal lottery range (OLR)

In this paragraph, we will not consider any factors. We will summarize 3 above listed. You, probably, noticed, that at the end of each paragraph there is a conclusion, which begins with the phrase "All other things being equal ..." But often these other conditions are not equal, but a choice must be made. For this, such an indicator was created (coefficient) как Optimal lottery range. OLR (optimal lottery range) – coefficient, showing the effectiveness of the lottery. Calculated by the jackpot, the cost of the ticket and the probability of winning the jackpot. On the page listing all lotteries – lotteries online, this indicator is calculated for each lottery for the current draw. Now it's very easy to choose a lottery. For example, let's take two lotteries again.. The first will be – Spanish La Primitiva, with OLR equal to 111,455. And the second – Italian SuperStar, whose OLR is 0,004. Let me remind you, this is data on 29 july 2015 of the year. The indicator changes every day, from draw to draw. As an example, the "best" and "worst" lotteries were naturally chosen. so, why is there such a huge difference, everything is very simple. Jackpot size: The primitive – 64 500 000 euros, SuperStar – 8 200 000 euros; ticket price: The primitive – 2,75$, SuperStar – 2,75$; chance at jackpot: The primitive – 1 to 13.983.816, SuperStar – 1 to 56.035.316.700. I think, now everything has become very clear.

Combo bets

This type of game has just appeared on the Internet. And the pioneer of course was thelotter. Soon I will devote a separate article to combo bets, to describe in detail all the pros. Now only one thing needs to be noted., combo bets combine two types of games: single player and syndicate play. That is, you buy a so-called "package" consisting of individual tickets and shares in one or more syndicates. At the same time you save, since thelotter offers a discount on such a "package" in contrast, if you bought everything separately. I think, that the prospects for combo bets are very high. Since they combine the ability for a person to single-handedly have a win, and the opportunity to increase your chances of winning as part of a syndicate.

TOP 15 best lotteries in Russia, where you can really win money

№1. "Russian Lotto"

The best lottery in Russia.

It is her tickets that my grandfather buys.

And also from time to time I.

"Russian Lotto" appeared in a distant 1994 year by state decree. Since then, she has won a ton of fans and followers..

It is aired once a week on the NTV channel in 8:20. I remember, because of this, I had to get up earlier more than once, than usual, so as not to miss the draw.

The prototype of the lottery is the classic lotto widespread throughout Russia..

The host takes out the kegs. Lottery participants cross out the dropped numbers on their tickets. And then they compare them to the winning combination..

The prize fund goes 50% from every ticket sold. And the ticket, it seems to me, worth 100 rubles.

From one hundred tickets purchased, the prize fund increases by 5000 rubles. From a thousand to 50 000 rubles. From a million to 50 000 000 wooden!

To buy a ticket

№2. «The slogan 5 of 36 "

Second most popular and, probably, first in number Russian lottery winners.

Ticket prices start from 40 rubles.

The prize fund goes 1/2 proceeds.

Among the winners are the following figures, as 1, 7, 9 and even 10 million rubles.

Means, to win in it really.

To buy a ticket

№3. "Housing lottery"

Another cool lottery, which my grandfather approves.

And if he approves, then you can play.

Houses and apartments are given as a super prize. From which it got its name. Though, by itself, real estate can be exchanged for money, which many do.

Lottery for sale in:

  • Rostelecom offices
  • Russian Post offices
  • Communication salons "Euroset"
  • Pyaterochka retail chains
  • Lottery network "Balt-Lotto"
  • Bookmaker "Baltbet"
  • Retail outlets "Stoloto"

To buy a ticket

№4. "Golden Horseshoe"

To the prize fund "Golden Horseshoe", as expected, goes 50% of the ticket price.

Ticket costs 100 rubles and more.

The drawing takes place simultaneously with the "Russian Lotto" on NTV in the program "We are winning".

IN 8:20.

The lottery is often played not only at home and millions of dollars, but also brand new cars. Therefore, it is very possible to participate in it.

To buy a ticket

№5. «The slogan 4 of 20 "

Analogue of the lottery "5 out of 36". Only with slightly different rules.

What exactly is the difference?

In, that in the lottery "4 out of 20" it should be noted only 4 numbers from 20 available. And in the second lottery of our ranking - 5 numbers from 36.

"L" is logic.

To buy a ticket

Similar to the previous.

To buy a ticket

Similar to the previous.

To buy a ticket

What is the meaning of this lottery?

In, that you need to cross out either figures, or numbers.

To buy a ticket

Super Prize - 5 000 000 rubles.

Tickets are sold in lottery machines.

To buy a ticket

№10. "Zodiac"

According to the lottery rules, you must write down 4 numbers in the corresponding fields. In the first - birthday. In the second - a month. In the third year. In the fourth - the zodiac sign.

To buy a ticket

Another lottery. I did not reveal such striking features..

To buy a ticket

Prizes of this lottery are drawn every 15 minutes.

The numbers must be chosen at random.

To buy a ticket

Another lottery. I did not find any conspicuous features.

To buy a ticket

Another lottery. I did not find any conspicuous features.

To buy a ticket

№15. "TOP-3"

Another lottery. I did not find any conspicuous features.

To buy a ticket

The logo was made by Artemy Lebedev himself! (My awe)

Do I need to overpay for the work of agents

Independent resellers present a wide range of lotteries. Many players use their services. Such firms distribute tickets in the regions, who do not participate in the drawing under the original conditions. Agents purchase tickets from operators directly. And then they release them for sale through their websites.

Any user can buy such tickets on the Internet., registered. A copy of the document is sent to your personal account after payment. If desired, the user can ask to send the original coupon by mail to the address, specified in his profile.

Buying lottery tickets is available to people, come of age

Moreover, it is important to comply with the laws of the country., in which the lottery is issued. It is important to clarify, because the threshold of majority in different states is not the same

The conclusion from the above is simple: overpay for the services of agents, because it is one of the few reliable ways to buy foreign lottery tickets.

How to win the lottery - 5 working methods and technologies of winning

Ways and methods of winning the lottery, probably, as many, how many players themselves. Some cross out numbers, constituting their date of birth (experts advise against doing this), others are guided by purely random choice, still others adhere to the most complex mathematical strategies.

Nevertheless, there are methods, which really increase (although not by much) probability of winning. These methods are publicly available.: maybe one of them will help you become a millionaire today.

Method 1. Psychological

Let's conditionally call this method “Down with stereotypes!». The technology is based on the psychological approach described above. Choosing lucky numbers, conditionally divide them into 3 equal (or approximately equal) parts. The point is, that most players choose numbers from the first 60-75% proposed options. for example, in the lottery "6 out of 49" people are much more likely to choose numbers from 1 to 31.

There is a simple explanation for this phenomenon - a significant part of the lottery participants, when choosing numbers, are guided by dates familiar to them - birthdays, weddings, other memorable events, and since the number of days in months does not exceed 31, then numbers outside this value are encountered several times less often when filling out coupons. This can be used - if the numbers win, which come after 31, the amount of your profit will be higher due to fewer winning options.

Method 2. Lottery syndicate

Participation in the organization. Lottery syndicate - a group of players, purchasing tickets from a common bank and distributing the profit received according to the funds deposited. This system allows you to make numerous and large bets., at the same time, the investments of a particular participant remain within reasonable limits.

Syndicate allows coverage of more variations in such lotteries, like Gosloto 5 of 36 "or" 6 of 49 ".

If you play Russian Lotto or other lotteries, you can buy more tickets. Wherein, sure, need to agree in advance, that whatever ticket from the pool won, the winnings are distributed evenly among all participants.

Iron rules for syndicate lovers:

  • do not deposit funds for your friends;
  • do not borrow money for a bet (better skip the draw, for which you do not have enough funds);
  • do not involve group members forcibly or fraudulently;
  • do not invite pessimists and losers to the group.

And remember - a positive attitude: recipe for success. Let the game be joy!

The most illustrative example of the effectiveness of this strategy is winning $315 million. seven employees of the Los Angeles hospital in 2005 year. There are other examples of the advantage of playing with the same pot..

Method 3. Multiplicity

The method is called "Multi-circulation". This is the easiest and most reliable way to stay in the long game with minimal effort..

You make several game combinations, of your favorite numbers, pay for the selected number of runs and wait for the results. You do not need to think about number combinations and "warm your head", developing new game strategies for each draw: you just have to wait, until your combination of numbers and the winning match.

Method 4. Distribution circulation

Be sure to participate in distribution draws, in which a large jackpot has accumulated.

The distribution actually increases the size of the win. People often become millionaires, who participate in such circulations. As for the jackpot, sometimes it reaches unimaginable sizes, while the likelihood of its "removal" remains the same. In other words, you can get much bigger winnings for the same money.

Method 5. Expanded rate

Expand bet play. An expanded rate is a rate, containing more than one number combination in the playing field. This technology is applicable in lotteries, where the player can choose his lucky numbers.

Naturally, the cost of the expanded rate is much higher, but the likelihood of winning and paying out on a winning combination increases.

Luck hunters, scientists and swindlers: who just wasn't looking for a strategy, which would guarantee winning the lottery. But maybe, they were not looking there?

Love Dogorova perhaps, the richest pensioner in Russia. There is now a place in her life for a real New Year's miracle. 1 january 2019 year in the festive edition of "Russian Lotto" live on NTV Lyubov Feodosievna from St. Petersburg won half a billion rubles.

Lyubov Dogorova: "They are mine, they came. It was a shock, it was fear, it was fright. I somehow didn't believe right away, but everything settled down. I called Moscow, said, that it's all true ".

Russian lottery winners are ready to share their joy of winning. As told in "Stoloto" company distributing state lotteries, more 80% lottery millionaires agree to publish information about themselves. And willingly share their secrets, how to attract good luck.

Lyubov Dogorova: "You should always pull out tickets with your left hand.".

The St. Petersburg pensioner continues to participate in lotteries and freely talks about life in the status of a multimillionaire. All members of her family now have real estate, and Lyubov Feodosievna sent her son to Southeast Asia to travel.

Muscovite Olga Ustinova four years ago won the state lottery 94 million rubles and since then, by her own admission, lives like in a fairy tale.

Olga Ustinova, state lottery winner: “Never stop believing in miracles, they come true. The lottery ticket changed my life, made it possible to have three children, ensure their future, don't worry about education, life has changed for the better ".

In the life of an electrician from the Tambov region, Lyubov Seredinoy, there is now trouble, which for Olga Ustinova is already behind. Love makes renovations in her new apartment. She bought the property with money from winning the lottery. The next step is to buy a car and an apartment for my son.

Pensioners from Morshansk Alexander and Tatiana Trebuhat two years ago bought a lucky ticket at a kiosk and won 18 million rubles.

Tatiana Trebushat: "Faith appeared, what can be won, turns out, that luck can come and you can grab this luck ".

In Moscow, in the lottery center "Stoloto", now hype. People line up, to buy a New Year's ticket with the inscription "Billion". Operational director of the state lottery "Stoloto" Varvara Basanovich explains, that this year the chance to win a billion is greater than ever.

Varvara Basanovich: “A chance to win a billion in one hand, that is, become the first lottery billionaire, 60%, this is a great opportunity to win such a big jackpot ".

Well, the total prize fund of the New Year's draw has almost reached 3 billion rubles.

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