Включитесь в официальную американскую “лотерею зеленой карты” 2020 года

Participation requirements for the green card lottery


The Department takes the security of all PII very seriously. We take precautions to maintain the security, confidentiality, and integrity of the information we collect at this site. Such measures include access controls designed to limit access to the information to the extent necessary to accomplish our mission. We also employ various security technologies to protect the information stored on our systems. We routinely test our security measures to ensure that they remain operational and effective.

We take the following steps to secure the information we collect:

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We hold our contractors and other third-party providers to the same high standards that we use to ensure the security, confidentiality, and integrity of personal information they may have access to in the course of their work completed on behalf of the Department.

Why is there a Green Card Lottery?

The principle behind the lottery is to give a wide variety of people a chance to win a US immigrant visa. Those who win in the lottery have the chance to get a Green Card. The Green Card Lottery was brought to life with the Immigration Act of 1990 with the purpose of giving people from countries with low immigration rates the chance to move to the USA. The USA is a country made up of people from different countries and the wish is to keep America diverse through immigration. It is no wonder that America is famously known as the great melting pot: Immigrants from around the world have played a significant role in shaping American culture with their own traditions and customs. Thanks to the unique lottery under the Green Card Program, every person has a chance to get closer to emigrating to the USA. 

Third-Party Websites and Applications

The Department uses various types of online surveys to collect opinions and feedback from a random sample of visitors. Primarily, state.gov uses the ForeSee Results’ American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) online survey on an ongoing basis to obtain feedback and data on visitors’ satisfaction with the state.gov website. This survey does not collect PII. Although the survey invitation pops up for a random sample of visitors, it is optional. If you decline the survey, you will still have access to the identical information and resources at the state.gov site as those who do take the survey. The survey reports are available only to state.gov managers and other designated staff who require this information to perform their duties. The Department may use other limited-time surveys for specific purposes, which are explained at the time they are posted.

The Department retains the data from the ACSI survey results as long as needed to support the mission of the state.gov website.

The benefits of winning the United States Green Card Lottery

Immigration to America can open many opportunities. If you plan to obtain quality higher education or wish to have access to the best healthcare services, a permanent United States residency is for you. If you want to become a citizen later, your prospects for the future will be even better.

Students with Green Cards are considered in-state permanent residents of the United States, making American colleges and universities’ tuition fees lower for them than for foreign applicants. Moreover, by winning the Diversity Visa Lottery, you gain the right to financial aid, which will reduce your study expenses dramatically.

Green Card holders also qualify for Social Security that grants United States citizens certain privileges. It provides the following benefits:

  • medical and disability insurance
  • childcare assistance
  • rewarding retirement plans
  • support for seniors

Your chances of winning the Green Card Lottery

Generally speaking, your chances of winning are very good. However, every year almost 40% of all participants are disqualified due to formal errors. This could be a photo that doesn’t meet the requirements or a wrong family status. These are only two of the many little things people can do wrong during the application process, which can result in an immediate disqualification.

The frustrating thing is: The US authorities do not tell applicants whether they have done something wrong. That means very often people enter the Green Card Lottery year after year and make exactly the same mistakes again without even knowing it. No surprise they never win.

Важно! О помогайках и визовых консультантах

Настоятельно рекомендуется заполнять анкеты-заявления самостоятельно, не прибегая к помощи “визовых консультантов”, “визовых агентов” или других лиц, предлагающих подать анкеты от имени заявителя.

Если Вы используете чьи-либо услуги для заполнения заявления, Вам необходимо лично присутствовать при его подготовке, чтобы давать правильные ответы на вопросы, распечатать страницу-подтверждение и лично получить Ваш уникальный номер подтверждения.

Очень важно сохранить страницу подтверждение и номер подтверждения. Без этой информации Вы не сможете войти на сайт проверки статуса анкеты-заявления

Не соглашайтесь, если кто-либо предлагает сохранить эту информацию для Вас. Вам также необходимо сохранить доступ к адресу электронной почты, указанному при подаче заявления.

На форуме периодически появляются сообщения от бедолаг, которые воспользовались услугами фирм-помогаек и попали либо в финансовую зависимость, либо никогда не получат грин карту.

Примеры мошенничества с грин картами

1. Для подачи заявки на грин карту нужно знать ваши данные из загранпаспорта.
Фирма-помогайка — например турагентство, где вы светанули свой з/п) подает заявку от вашего имени без вашего ведома.
В случае выигрыша грин карты с вас будут вытягивать от 5000 долларов за доступ к номеру выигравшей заявки.

2. То же самое, но вы сами подавали заявку на участие в лотерее.
Но не в курсе, что помогайка так же подал заявку на вас — чтобы заработать денег в случае вашего выигрыша или просто чтоб поднасрать.
Дублирование ваших данных в двух заявка на лотерею автоматически вычеркивает вас из числа участников.

3. Помогайка подал заявку от вашего имени, но в анкете написал бред сивой кобылы под копирку (они так обычно делают).
В случае выигрыша грин карты вас ждет собеседование в Консульстве США и там всплывет несоответствие написанного в заявке и озвученного на собеседовании вами.

Все это называется коротко fraud или длинно — мошенничество.

Примеры мошеннических писем о получении Green card

Государственный департамент НИКОГДА не уведомляет о выигрыше Грин Карты по электронной почте.
Вот один из возможных вариантов мошеннического уведомления:

How to enter the Green Card Visa Lottery?

Applying for participation is quite easy and can be done online on the United States Green Card Office website. We can show you the most hassle-free way to apply in our step-by-step guide

Joining the DV Green Card Lottery with the help of a paid immigration services, such as ours, makes the process faster and painless.

Examine our comparison chart that clearly explain why it’s so important to use a professional immigration service when applying for a Green Card true the Diversity Visa Program.

Remember if your application is disqualified in the United States DV Lottery, you will have to wait for the next year before you can try again. Therefor you won’t regret a single penny spent on our immigration services because we will save your time and help you avoid the risk of rejection.

Why do certain countries not qualify for the Diversity Visa Program?

The Green Card Diversity Lottery allows natives of myriad countries to acquire permanent American residency. As a winning participant, you and your family can become United States citizen through naturalization.

People from the following regions can take part in the lottery:

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • North, South and Central America
  • The Caribbean

There are high- and low-admission regions and states. Each nation’s allowance for the American Green Card Lottery depends on the number of immigrant visas that country has issued to foreign citizens within the last five years. This approach ensures migration balance and stimulates diversification.

Personally Identifiable Information

As a general rule, the Department does not collect PII about you when you visit our website, unless you choose to provide such information to us. Submitting PII through our website is voluntary. By doing so, you are giving the Department your permission to use the information for the stated purpose. However, not providing certain information may result in the Department’s inability to provide you with the service you desire.

Generally, the information requested by the Department will be used to respond to your inquiry or to provide you with the service you request. When this information is requested, the reasons for collecting it, a description of the Department’s intended use of the information, how to grant consent to use mandatorily provided information, and how to grant consent for other than statutorily mandated uses will be fully described in a separate customized “Privacy Notice.” This customized Privacy Notice will either appear on the web page collecting the information or be accessible through a hyperlink (link) prominently displayed immediately above or below the information request.

Какие документы необходимы для получения визы США?

Пакет документов, необходимых для оформления Green Card, отличается в зависимости от способа получения:

Брак с гражданином США

Рассматривается только официально заключенный брак. Супруг-гражданин отправляет в миграционную службу петицию с ходатайством о выдаче вида на жительства мигранту. К письму нужно приложить:

  • свидетельство о заключении брака,
  • подтверждения совместной жизни (банковские счета, квитанции об оплате за коммунальные услуги, документы о владении совместным имуществом, семейные фотографии),
  • свидетельство о разводе с нотариально заверенным переводом (если было),
  • заполненные формы-биографии для обоих супругов,
  • оплату услуг.

Рекомендуется высылать только копии документов, не оригиналы. После отправления соответствующих форм, будет выслано приглашение для интервью, где супруги должны доказать, что их брак не фиктивный

Важно помнить, что заключение фиктивного брака несет риск, как для мигранта, так и для американского гражданина, начиная административными взысканиями и заканчивая депортацией (для первого)

Рабочая виза

Выдается при ходатайстве американского работодателя (при вызове иностранного сотрудника для выполнения краткосрочной работы). От сотрудника требуется предоставить:

  • перевод диплома и приложения,
  • CV на английском языке,
  • справку о трудовом стаже,
  • справку с предыдущего места работы.

Помимо вышеперечисленного, требуется оплата консульского сбора и, если мигрант переезжает с семьёй, свидетельство о браке, рождении детей и т.д. Работодатель так же должен подтвердить возможность найма (заполнение формы с указанием предоставляемой заработной платы, описанием условий работы и обязательств).

Сложность может вызывать наличие квоты на количество выдаваемых виз (при этом существует дополнительная квота для специалистов со степенью магистра) и трудоемкость процедуры для работодателя.

Воссоединение с семьей

Выделяется несколько типов близких родственников (супруги, холостые дети до 21 года, женатые/замужние дети, внуки, братья и сестры, их супруги и дети, родители) граждан Америки, под каждый их которых требуются свои документы. Если обобщить, то необходимо:

  • петиция от гражданина,
  • форма соответствующего образца для мигранта,
  • копии свидетельства о заключении брака/рождении,
  • финансовое поручительство,
  • медкомиссия,
  • биография,
  • консульский сбор.

Получение статуса беженца

Может предоставляться при преследованиях по политической деятельности, расовой и национальной принадлежности, участии в социальных группах (в том числе по сексуальной ориентации). Помимо прошения о предоставлении статуса, нужно подготовить доказательства угрозы жизни (подтверждения участия в забастовках, письма с угрозами, медицинские справки, нотариально заверенные письма свидетелей и др.) и пройти интервью в миграционной службе.

При этом статус беженца не предоставляется лицам, совершившим тяжкое преступление, преследовавшим кого-либо по политическим/национальным взглядам, пытающимся избежать уголовной ответственности, предоставляющим угрозу безопасности США.

Участие в лотерее Грин Кард

После выигрыша, заявитель заполняет на официальном сайте анкету DS-260, проходит медицинское освидетельствование и готовит документы, чтобы подать их на интервью на Грин Карту:

  • справки об отсутствии судимости,
  • диплом,
  • свидетельство о рождении/браке/разводе,
  • справка о трудовом стаже,
  • финансовые гаранты.

Решив получать американский вид на жительство, нужно быть готовым к длительному ожиданию выдачи (в связи с большим количеством подаваемых иностранцев), финансовым затратам и обширному списку требуемых документов. При сомнениях имеет смысл обратиться к адвокатам, которые помогут подготовить необходимое сразу, избежав потери времени.

Why should I trust The American Dream?

The American Dream is one of the largest Green Card Lottery agencies worldwide. Based in Germany, our company has helped thousands upon thousands of USA fans around the world realize their dreams and immigrate to the USA.

In Germany alone, about 50% of all Green Card Lottery winners have participated with our help every year. That means we provide half of all winners in this country! An overwhelming number, isn’t it?

But we do not only help participants from Germany. Every year we help people from all over the world to realize their dream of immigrating to the USA. If you want to maximize your chances of winning as well, participate today!

Запреты на участие в лотерее

Медицинские противопоказания

Если у претендента есть социально-опасное заболевания или психическое расстройство. Проблемы с наркотическими или психотропными веществами. Отсутствуют прививки. Также, если есть риск оказаться на попечении государства из-за крайне тяжелой болезни.

Проблемы с законом и визовым законодательством

Заявитель не должен иметь проблем с законом, и иметь не погашенную судимость. Это не распространяется на умышленные общественно опасные преступления ( crime involving moral turpitude ).

Проблемы с визовым законодательством. Наличие в базе депортаций или нелегальное нахождение в США свыше 180 дней. Лицо уличенное в визовом мошенничестве, состоявшее в фиктивном браке, или пользовавшееся поддельными документами. Пребывание в США с визой J-1 , если для неё установлено и ещё не выполнено требование 2YHR — two-year home residence requirement (это не относится к студенческой программе Work & Travel ).

Причины дисквалификации и отказа в визе.

Причин отказа в визе огромное количество. Согласно статистике американского Государственного департамента, каждый год дисквалифицируют около 35% анкет. Самая распространенная причина — неправильное заполнение анкеты. Возможности повторного заполнения анкеты у вас не будет, поэтому вносите все данные правильно. Дубли заявки и ошибки в ней лишают вас возможности участия.

Распространенная ошибка — неправильный перевод личных данных. Переписывайте их так, как указано в загранпаспорте. Неправильно оформленная фотография.

Также проблемы возникают у молодоженов. Их могут обвинить в фиктивности брака, если он заключен после подачи заявки и уж тем более, после выигрыша. Открыто и сразу вам об этом не заявят, но в таких случаях часто назначается перекрестное интервью молодых супругов.

Green Card distribution based on experience

It is more likely that the winners from European countries will meet the necessary requirements to proceed with the Green Card application process. This means that almost 20% fewer winners are notified in Europe than in Africa. Worldwide, about 100,000 winners are selected, of these 100,000, the US authorities expect about 50,000 qualified applicants.

In short, more winners are notified each year so that the US authorities can actually issue the 50,000 Green Cards available. The US government calculates those numbers based on decades of experience. From previous statistics, they can calculate how many “additional” people need to be notified to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of winning. This way, qualified winners who want a Green Card will not be left out.

Furthermore, the calculations also take application mistakes into consideration. Even simple mistakes can lead to a winner being disqualified, especially if you apply for the lottery on your own. The American Dream has more than 20 years of experience and is happy to help you on your way to a Green Card — from applying for the lottery to having an immigrant visa in your pocket.

What are you waiting for? Fulfill your very own American dream and take part in the Green Card Lottery now!

Is my country of birth important for the Green Card Lottery?

Your country of birth plays an important role in the Green Card Lottery because some countries are not allowed to participate. Countries who are excluded usually have an already high rate of immigration to the USA. Every country which has received more than 50,000 U.S. Green Cards through other legal immigration paths, such as family- or work-based visas over the last five years are automatically excluded from the lottery. The list of excluded countries, therefore, can change from year to year. It is worth the time to check the list of excluded countries regulary to see if new counties have been added or taken off the list. Please take note that your nationality plays no role in the Green Card Lottery. Only your country of birth according to current borders is important in deciding if you can participate in the drawing.   

To participate in the Green Card Lottery, you only have to meet two criteria!

Exceptions for people born in an excluded country

There are, however, exceptions! People who were born in an excluded country can still apply to the Green Card Lottery under certain conditions. They are when:

  1. The spouse of the participant was born in a country that can actively participate;


  1. People born in an excluded country can participate if their parents were only in the country of their birth temporarily for, for example, their studies or work. In this case, both parents must have been born in a country which can participate in the lottery.  

In these cases, the participant can take on, so to say, the country of their parents or spouse and enter the country as their “native country” when applying. If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The American Dream has made it their mission to help those who want to emigrate to the USA reach their goals. We are here for you if you have any questions or concerns.  

Interaction With Children Online

The Department is committed to the protection of children’s online privacy. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) governs information gathered online from or about children under the age of 13. Verifiable consent from a child’s parent or guardian is required before collecting, using, or disclosing personal information from a child under age 13. If a Department website intends to collect information about children under 13 years old, COPPA-required information and instructions will be provided by the specific web page that collects information about the child. The web page will specify exactly what the information will be used for, who will see it, and how long it will be kept.

Green Card Lottery – What is it?

The annual Green Card Lottery is known officially as the Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program or the Diversity Visa Program (DV). The abbreviation DV is usually followed by two numbers designating the year; for example, DV-19 for the Green Card Lottery for the year 2017. The idea behind the lottery is to keep the United States of America diverse, therefore Green Cards won in the lottery are under the Diversity Visa category.

The first Green Card Lottery was held in 1994. The application process, however, was not without its difficulties. Almost one year later in 1996, it was possible to apply to the Green Card Lottery with The American Dream and since then many customers have received a Green Card with us. The DV-Program exists namely because the United States of America wants to maintain their great cultural diversity. Since the beginning of the 1990s, the US government has given away 55,000 Green Cards through the Diversity Visa Lottery (shortened to DV Lottery or DV-2021) annually. Winners of the lottery are selected randomly. At first, the name DV-21 might seem confusing because you apply for the DV-21 in the year 2018 or 2019. The year 2021 in the DV-21 programs stands for the American tax year that begins on October 1, 2020 and ends on September 2021. Green Card winners also receive their Green Cards during this period of time.  

National lottery USA

Lotteries in the United States did not always have sterling reputations. One early lottery in particular, the National Lottery, which was passed by Congress for the beautification of Washington D.C. and was administered by the municipal government, was the subject of a major U.S. Supreme Court decision Cohens v. Virginia.

The lottery never paid out, and it brought to light the prevalent issue of crookedness amongst the lotteries in the United States. The wave of anti-lottery protests finally broke through when, by 1860, all states had prohibited lotteries except Delaware, Missouri, and Kentucky. The scarcity of lotteries in the United States meant that tickets were shipped across the country and eventually led to the creation of illegal lotteries. In 1868, after years of illegal operation, the Louisiana Lottery Company obtained a 25-year charter for its state lottery system. The charter was passed by the Legislature due to immense bribing from a criminal syndicate in New York. The Louisiana Lottery Company was a derived 90% of its revenue from tickets sold across state borders. These continued issues of corruption led to the complete prohibition of lotteries in the United States by 1895. It was discovered that the promoters of the Louisiana Lottery Company had accrued immense sums of money from illegitimate sources and that the Legislature was riddled with bribery.

Before the advent of government-sponsored lotteries, many illegal lotteries thrived, such as number games. The first modern government-run US lottery was established in Puerto Rico in 1934. This was followed, decades later, by the New Hampshire lottery in 1964. Instant lottery tickets, also known as scratch cards, were introduced in the 1970s and have become a major source of lottery revenue. Individual lotteries often feature three-digit and four-digit games akin to numbers games; a five number game, and a six number game (the latter two often have a jackpot.) Some lotteries also offer at least one game similar to keno, and some offer video lottery terminals. Presently, many US lotteries support public education systems.

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