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Types of Scam

The most common type of scam informs you that you have won a lottery. You may then be told that you have to pay a handling fee of some kind before receiving your money, or that there has been a mistake and you have been overpaid and must return some of your winnings. Even if the scammer does not ask you for money straight away, they may just try to open the lines of communication so they can gain access to personal or financial information further down the line.

Another type of scam involves the fraudster pretending to be a lottery winner who wants to share their money with others. The name on the message may be the same as a real winner, claiming to have set up some sort of trust. While some winners are very charitable, they would not randomly contact strangers to give a part of their prize away.

Scammers may also try to convince people that they have reduced lottery tickets for sale, declaring that it is a great opportunity to play for a fraction of the actual cost. This is usually done over the phone in an attempt to find out bank card details.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lotto Results At Multilotto

When are the lottery results announced?

The time and frequency of lottery draws depend on the lottery that you choose to play. Some of the lotteries have one draw a week and some have as many as three in a week. In most cases, the draws are done on television and later uploaded to YouTube. They are then put in the following day’s newspaper for players to see. You don’t have to go through the hassle of buying newspapers since the lotto results are updated on the website once they have been drawn. So all you have to do is head over to the Lotto results page to see the numbers that were drawn in the lottery you played.

What prize do I win if my numbers match the lotto results?

The prize break-down or the prize you win also depends on the lottery you are playing. There are lotteries only give prizes to winners that have all the numbers from the draw while others reward players that have as little as two matching numbers. When it comes to the jackpot, most of the lotteries out there split the prize among the winners since it would be rather expensive to give each winner the jackpot prize. Prizes come as little as $4 to as much as $1 Billion depending on which lottery you play and how many of the numbers you have matched.

What lotteries can I play at Multilotto?

Multilotto is a host of quite a number of international lotteries and you can participate in each and every single one of them if you have an account on the website. Some of the lotteries available are the biggest in the world while others are pretty interesting. The most popular slots offered at the site include the likes of the US Powerball and Mega Millions which are from North America, Euromillions and Euro Jackpot from Europe and the Mega Sena from South America. The interesting lotteries include the Bitcoin Jackpot that has a 1,000 Bitcoin Jackpot and the Cash4life lottery that gives players the chance of earning €1,000 a day for life.

What happens if a lottery is won by a syndicate I am in?

A syndicate is a group of players that come together to increase their chances of winning a lottery by playing a single lottery with multiple tickets. If any one of the lottery tickets from one of the members is a winner then the prize is split among the members of the syndicate. This is a great way of cost sharing since you spend less money on the purchase of a ticket and you get to purchase many tickets as a group. There have been recorded wins at Multilotto for syndicates that managed to land the jackpot win. Try it out and your group could emerge with a win.

Will I receive my win if the lotto results match my ticket?

Multilotto guarantees that you will receive all of your wins regardless of the amount that you have won and the country in which you reside. Once you win, a notification of your win will be sent to your inbox and the amount won will be credited to your account. You can then use the methods provided to withdraw. If you have won a jackpot that will not allow you to make a complete withdrawal due to the limits set, you will be contacted by the support team and you will be taken through the payment methods that will make large transactions possible.

Exciting Lotto Results Stories Worldwide

Lottery Wins That Have Been Written In The Stars

If you believe in horoscopes, then you know if a huge win is predicted in your horoscope, head over to Multilotto and purchase your lottery ticket because the lotto results are about to be in your favour and you are about to be a lottery winner. This was the case with Carly Wiggett and Becky Witt from Dartford. The two friends won more than £336,000 on the Euromillions in 2013 all thanks to Carly’s mother who read their horoscopes in the local daily that predicted that they were in for a huge windfall.

Imagine not having not one, but two of your horoscopes predicting a huge win. This was the case for Rachel Bryan who read the first horoscope that predicted a huge win for her. At that time, she didn’t think much of it until she read the second horoscope about a month later that predicted the same thing. That was all the encouragement she needed as she went ahead and won a £2,593,004 Lotto jackpot. Opportunity doesn’t knock twice, but luck certainly does.

Winning The Lottery More Than Once Is More Than Just Luck

One would assume that once a person won the lottery they would take their win and run but that is not the case for a few lottery players around the world who have managed to bag a lottery win more than once. Imagine using a lottery results checker to see if you have won and you find out that you have won more than once! David Long and Kathleen MacKenzie from Scunthorpe beat the odds of 283 billion to one by winning the lottery twice. The couple won their first lottery worth £1 million in 2013 and they went ahead to win it again in 2015.

One Derek Ladnerrfrom Cornwall also beat the odds by managing to win the lottery twice. He always played the lottery with the same numbers and one day, he forgot whether he had played or not so he decided to play again, just in case. The two tickets he played with that day both ended up winning and he was the proud winner of two shares of the jackpot and he went home with £958,284.

Biggest Jackpot Winners In The World

When players hear that the US Powerball has hit the 500 million mark they always rush to purchase tickets just in case they end up being the winner of the gargantuan jackpot. Now, imagine having won the jackpot before it is reset! this is the case for some of the luckiest players in the world who managed to bag some unimaginable jackpots. Three winning tickets claimed the $1.586 Billion Powerball jackpot which was considered to be the biggest one yet.

Mavis Wanczyck is the name of the lady that won the single biggest lottery jackpot in history that totalled a whopping £591 million. She randomly chose the numbers and to her surprise, the mother of two was a winner. The month of December in the year 2013 was a great one for Ira Curry of Georgia and Steve Tran of California. The two split the $648 million Mega Millions millions jackpot and changed their lives instantly. You could also be a lucky winner today, so head over to Multilotto, play and use the lottery results checker to see if you are as lucky as the people mentioned above.

What Should I Know About Lotto Results?

The first thing you should know about lotto results today is that they have all been digitised. That’s right. You don’t have to stay up late at night just to watch the draws on T.V or wake up really early in the morning to grab the paper. With a few simple strokes and clicks, you can view the results in the comfort of your home and in your own time.

At Multilotto, you can view previous lottery results from the lottos that they have on the website dating back hundreds of draws. If you are the kind of person to record hot and cold numbers from lottery draws, then this section of the website is going to be extremely beneficial to you.

The ultimate or the main thing you should know about lotto results is that they are actually the key to your jackpot win. The lottery results are the ones that determine who the various lottery winners are and knowing when they are drawn and what the numbers are is very important in knowing whether you are a winner or not.

Why You Should Play Lotto At Multilotto

One of the main reasons that you should play at Multilotto is because of the stellar reputation that the website carries. Most of the forums and review sites have given Multilotto a star count of at least 4 out of 5 and the good folk over at Multilotto are working round the clock to make sure that they get that one star. This still puts them in one of the top spots in terms of online casino as well as online lottery concierge services. What’s more, you can use the websites lottery results checker to know the previous draws of your lottery without having to stay up late to watch the draws or buy a newspaper.

Getting the lotto results has been made easier with Multilotto since you can opt to get notifications from the website either on your computer or mobile phone once they have been announced. That’s right. On your mobile phone, thanks to the mobile-ready platform the website has been built on that allow you to access it via a mobile device or tablet. This allows you to stay ahead of the game and play again once the draw is finished. The Multilotto website is very secure and none of your private information will be shared with third parties, something most lottery concierge services out there do not promise or mention.

Apart from the website’s reputation and convenience, you have access to quite a number of international lotteries that were otherwise not possible to play due to geographical limitations. If you reside in one of the countries that Multilotto is allowed to operate in, all you have to do to play is create an account, which literally takes a couple of minutes, like a banking method, and once you make a deposit to your account you will receive a deposit bonus that also includes free tickets. Once done, choose the lottery of your choice and you can go ahead and purchase a ticket. With Multilotto, you can purchase a number of lines at once as well as play in a syndicate.

Победители сервиса консьержа

Сервис лотерейного консьержа, который покупает официальные игровые билеты от лица покупателя, очень популярны среди игроков всего мира, которые неоднократно становились обладателями больших сумм.


Игрок из Багдада в Ираке принял участие в лотерее Oregon Megabucks в августе 2015 года и выиграл главный приз 6.4 миллиона долларов после приобретения билета на сайте TheLotter. Компания делает копии билетов и отправляет игроку, как подтверждение на участие. Небольшие призы выплачиваются напрямую в аккаунт пользователя автоматически, в то время как большие призы, как игроку из Ирака, компания готовит все необходимые шаги для получения приза игроком напрямую. После получения визы, счастливчик, который решил остаться неизвестным, чтобы обеспечить свою безопасность в своей стране, посетил Орегон, чтобы забрать свои деньги.

Сайт также имеет своих долларовых миллионеров в лотерею US Powerball из таких стран как Эль-Сальвадор, Канада и Австралия. Женщина из Панамы выиграла джекпот в 30 миллионов евро в лотерею Florida Lotto, сыграв через сайт TheLotter в июле 2017 года. 60-летняя Аура Домингез Канто, которая предпочла забрать наличными 20.9 миллионов долларов, решила зарегистрироваться на сайте, после прочтения статьи о самом молодом британском лотерейном миллионере Джейне Парк.


Еще одним сервисом лотерейного консьержа является WinTrillions, который позволяет приобретать билеты на американские лотереи. Работая по такому же принципу, как и TheLotter, игроки со всего мира могут участвовать в главных лотереях США через сервис, который посылает местных агентов покупать билеты от имени заказчиков.

Американская гражданка по имени Катти – 42 года – недавно стала обладательницей 250 тысяч долларов в лотерее Mega Millions, купив билет на сайте WinTrillions. Такую же суммы выиграл игрок из США Дэвид Л. Участник из Австралии стал обладателем 25 тысяч долларов, сыграв в лотереи Powerball через сервис консьержа WinTrillions.


Here at Multilotto we offer you the most generous and innovative lotto bonuses and promotions. How would you feel with an attractive welcome deposit bonus, a risk-free lottery bet or a money back guarantee game? Maybe your first lotto bet is free or you get a couple of free lotto lines if you invite a friend? You are highly valued as a lotto player at Multilotto and we want to make sure to reward you with great lotto promotions that you will find waiting for you in your account. Multilotto offers you the best lotto promotions and lottery deals for the world’s greatest draws such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Eurojackpot and Euromillions! You can now get more for your money without unnecessary and confusing bonus codes or promotion links when you play lotto online, and Multilotto is here to offer you the best lottery deals available!All deposit bonuses are subjected to a turnover requirement. This means that both the deposited sum and any additional bonus money must be wagered or played through a certain amount of times, prior to making a withdrawal. For all lotto bonuses the turnover requirement is 1 time.

Different types of lotto bonuses and other promotions

What is a Deposit bonus?The lotto deposit bonus is commonly seen in welcome offers for new customers. When using a deposit bonus on Multilotto, your deposit will be multiplied with a certain percentage up to a certain amount. For example, if you deposit €10 using a 100% deposit bonus you will be given an extra €10, leaving you with a total of €20 to use on any of the lotteries offered on Multilotto.

What are free lotto bets?
A free bet is a promotion that lets you play one line on a lottery of your choosing, with the possibility to win prizes including the Jackpot, for free. Using a free bet is identical to purchasing a line using your own lotto balance, thus no differences in the outcome of a draw nor on the payout.

What is money back?The money back bonus is a reward that allows you play a risk free lotto game up to a certain amount. This means that you are guaranteed to get your money back from that specific order in case the draw doesn’t generate you a win. The guaranteed sum will automatically be credited to your Multilotto account once the outcome of the draw is finalized.

What does discount mean?
A discount means change in pricing of the lotteries that gives you the possibility to buy lines for a lottery draw at a discounted price. Discounts may vary between 50-70% of the standard line price.

What is a trial subscription?
A trial subscription is a promotion which gives you the chance to play your lotto numbers on a subscription, with your lines automatically renewed after each draw at a lower price per month

Bonus Balance Explanation

In your active Deposit Bonus you will see two balances.

Contributed Money
> The money you deposited to activate the bonus, this will be used first when you play. If the bonus expires, this money will be converted to real money.

Bonus Money
> The extra money you receive when making a deposit using a specific bonus, or the money won by free tickets/free spins, or given by a money back bonus after a lost bet. Once you complete the bonus turnover requirements it will be converted to real money. If the bonus expires, your bonus money will be cleared.

There will be three amounts showing in your account balance:

Real Money Balance
> Your unrestricted fund, you can use it to either play with or withdraw it at anytime.

Lotto Balance
> Your total contributed money and bonus money of all activated bonuses available for use on lotto games.

Casino Balance
> Your total contributed money and bonus money of all activated bonuses available for use on casino games.

For example, if you deposit €10 using a 100% deposit bonus on lotto games, you will be given an extra €10 called Bonus Money, i.e. a total of €20 will be credited to your account. The Bonus Money will be distributed like this: Contributed Money(Lotto)= €10, Bonus Money(Lotto)=€10. This money can be used on any lotteries offered at Multilotto.

How to Spot a Lottery Scam

If you have received any suspicious correspondence, work through this checklist to see if you are getting scammed.

1. Did you enter that lottery on that date?

2. Are you being asked for payment?

You will never be asked to pay a handling fee or any sort of charge by a legitimate company in order for your winnings to be released. An official company would pay your winnings in full and the only cost to you may be tax in the future.

3. Is the prize referenced realistic?

4. Are you pressured to respond?

Lottery prizes do have expiry dates, but in most cases players will usually have several months or sometimes even a year or more from the day of the draw to come forward. A legitimate company would link to their terms and conditions if they made reference to any time constraints on claiming a prize.

5. Are you being told to keep the news confidential?

This is a trick used to scare people. There is no reason why you can’t tell family or friends straight away about a genuine win. The scammers are just trying to limit the chances of their fraud being exposed so that they will not be reported to the police or to the genuine company they are pretending to be from.

6. Is the message professional?

Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated with the design and content of their scams, but you should still note how professional it looks. First, check to see if the lottery organisation actually exists. ‘Euro Mega Millions Corporation’ might sound plausible to both EuroMillions and Mega Millions players, but it’s actually completely fictitious. If the message is riddled with spelling mistakes and poor grammar, this is further warning it is probably a scam.

7. Do they know your name?

If you play online you could receive a genuine automated winner notification without your name, but look out for a message starting ‘Dear winner’ or ‘Dear account holder’, as it is a sign of a possible scam.

8. What does the email address look like?

Преимущества игры онлайн

  • Когда вы играете онлайн, вам не нужно платить комиссию, а также вы можете выиграть точно такие же призы, как и обладатели физических билетов.
  • Играть онлайн – это надежно и просто, так как вы можете делать это со своего телефона или компьютера в удобное для вас время, а ваши номера хранятся в безопасности, что исключает возможность утери билета.
  • Вы также можете участвовать в нескольких тиражах подряд и будете уверены, что не сможете пропустить розыгрыши больших призов.
  • Вы автоматически будете уведомлены о любом призе, который выиграл ваш билет. Небольшие суммы будут выплачены в ваш аккаунт напрямую.
  • Если же вы стали обладателем джекпота или другой крупной суммы, команда онлайн лотерей поможет вам подготовить все необходимое, чтобы вы могли забрать приз лично.

Latest Lotto Results — Lottery Results Checker

Lotteries or lottos have been in existence for centuries and they give players the chance to win large wads of cash simply by randomly choosing a set of numbers. There are several forms of the lottery and the most popular form in this century is the online lotto. This is where players actually get to play their favourite lotteries as well as get the lotto results online. You can access these lotteries on their official websites or on concierge service sites such as Multilotto.

Multilotto offers a wide array of international lotteries that you can access from wherever around the world. The site is available in different languages thus making your online lotto experience more pleasant if English is not your native language. You don’t have to worry about those pesky google translated languages either because the site has been translated by lingual professionals. If you miss the drawings of a lottery you are participating in, watch out for the last nights lottery numbers heading to view the results in the website’s archives.

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